Monster logo and the history behind the company

Let’s look at the monster energy logo and the history behind the beverage company.

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Whatever your choice, this informative write–up on the monster logo would satisfy your interest. In 2002, Hansen Natural unveiled the monster energy drink into the market. It became one of the sought–after energy drinks in convenience stores and supermarkets in America in no time.

Both taste and logo are central to the brand’s instant success. A scratched logo escorted the addictive taste of the beverage. The logo comes as a stylized letter—M, which has suffered from a monster. The three visual remains are stripes that mirror the claws of a wild beast.

It looks lovely!

You’ll further find the brand’s name—Monster Energy, under this unique logotype. Neon green and white gives the trademark a natural and hygienic presence. The designer chose a black frame to contain the other design elements to evoke the brand’s elegance and mystery.

The monster energy logo continues to enjoy massive popularity across the world. And its visual identity is one contributory factor. It has caused a stir in some religious circles. The company has surfed on these controversies to become the second-largest energy drink after Red Bull.

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The Evolution of Monster’s Logo

The Monster Energy logo stormed the beverage market nearly two decades ago. Since then, the monstrous green and white trademark has refused to visit the design studios. The emotional connection that comes with the logo made it instantly recognizable and successful. Because it looks classic and visually attractive, it represents the brand on all advertising mediums.

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Monster Beverage Corporation unveiled its logo in 2012. It’s a stylized monogram of the letter—M on a black frame. It’s a reference to the drink’s name, Monster. The unique letter comes in neon green, and it looks like the claws of a wild beast. Under this iconic letter is the inscription—Monster Energy in caps and style. The words ‘monster’ and “energy” are clad in neon blue and white.

What Font Is Monster Energy Using?

Monster Energy is using three outstanding characters to spell–out its charisma. The famed cascading letter–M is illustrated rather than written to convey a weird reaction from customers. The stylized letter–M is customized. Also, the typeface used for the Monster lettering resembles Green Energy font. Albertino created it. Finally, the lettering for energy is written in Bank Gothic Medium font. Together, these inscriptions evoke magical effects on consumers.

Who Designed the Monster Energy Logo?

McLean Design needs no introduction. It’s one of the best professional logo designers in the world. The firm is based in Walnut Creek, California, and specializes in branding and packaging. It’s the design studio behind the creation of the Monster Energy logo. In addition, McLean Design has worked with global brands like Nestle, Unilever, Coca–Cola, SunSweet, and others.  

Why Does Monster Energy Logo Work?

1.      The Logo Is Unique:

The monster energy logo is the talk of the industry. This is because it consists of visual elements that are weird and unique. This quality propels it above the pack. For being this exceptional, the trademark is instantly noticeable. Every entrepreneur must take brand uniqueness seriously.

2.      The Logo Is Modest:

In this fast pacing world, consumers have less time to spend glancing at a logo. Graphic artists are aware of this trend, so they create simple logos. Likely, the monster energy logo follows the same principle—it has fewer visual features that express its charisma. With this simplicity, the monster energy logo is highly recognizable.

3.      The Logo Is Versatile:

Organizations use their logos to reach out to their customers on several mediums. To achieve this quality, the designer of the monster energy logo, McLean Design, opted for a clean layout. The effect is that the logo can scale on multiple marketing surfaces without compromising its quality. 

4.      The Logo Is Memorable:

Graphic designers aim to craft logos that can stick in the minds of consumers. The monster energy logo has achieved this objective. Consumers can quickly recall it because it’s memorable. With its rare and mystical elements, the emblem is engraved in the minds of its target audience.

5.      The Logo Is Timeless:

Any logo design without a trendy graphic element has the potential to stand the test of time. In the same line, the monster energy logo is timeless. This is because it hasn’t changed for nearly two decades. Also, the emblem has achieved the status of timelessness because of its mystic design elements with questionable emotions.

Monster Logo Design Elements

Graphic elements make up the feel of all logo designs. They are indispensable. You can choose to use one or more to tell your brand’s story. McLean Design did incredible professional work with the Monster Energy trademark. It used the most resonating design elements to convey the brand’s personality. Let’s step out to learn more about the unique features employed.

Monster Logo Shape And Symbol

1.      The Claws:

The stylized—M resembles the claws of a ferocious beast. Remarkably, the three stripes look like a scratch from the paws of an animal. However, some people have taken it to the extreme. They believe the weird symbol has some demonic connection. They have linked it to the end–time mark of the beast spoken about in the Hebrew Bible. But, from the designer’s standpoint, the shape has nothing to do with satanic influence: It’s purely an artistic work at its best.

Monster Logo Color Scheme

1.      Green Color:

The type of green used in the Monster Energy logo is neon green. Experts regard it as the brightest shade of green. Neon green symbolizes focus, bravery, willpower, and the desire to achieve one’s life purpose. It’s also a perfect fit for nature and energy and resonates well with the Monster Energy Drink. As a shade of green, the color has some healing properties.  

2.      White Color:

Safety and hygiene are among the qualities that consumers expect from energy drinks. To stand above other brands, Monster used the white color to convey these expectations from consumers. The color of snow and winter can also represent simplicity, goodness, and humility. 

3.      Black Color:

Black is another Monster’s official color. This color can represent the darkest side of life: fear, evil, and mystery. On the other side of the spectrum, it symbolizes power, elegance, and wealth. Both sides have a strong connection with the Monster Energy emblem. Black forms the frame color of the Monster Energy logo design.

Brief History of Monster Beverage

Monster Beverage started as a family-oriented business in California in 1935. The company adopted the Hansen name, a reference to Hubert Hansen, who began the business with his three entrepreneurial sons. They focused on making and selling fresh juice.

The business sells this fresh, unpasteurized juice to retailers and movie theatres. Hubert would drive around California selling to celebrities, film lovers, and thirty customers with a truckload of these beverages. It was a refreshing moment for both business and customers.

Tim Hansen, the grandson of Hubert, added a variety of sodas to the company’s range of products. These drinks were free of colors, caffeine, flavors, and preservatives. This product idea was novel at the time, so it contributed to much of its earlier successes.

California CoPackers Corporation bought the company after it filed for bankruptcy in 1988. The new owners adopted Hansen Natural Company for their acquisition. In 1993, management moved operations to a new plant in Azusa, California, after 47 years of production in Los Angeles.

In 2008, Hansen’s Natural Company started using cane sugar instead of corn syrup. This move was motivated by the directive from the US Food and Drug Administration. The rule was that beverages containing high–fructose corn syrup couldn’t be labeled as natural.

As demand in the energy drink market soared, Hansen’s board saw considerable profit potential. Therefore, they unveiled their newest product, monster energy drink, in 2012. At the same period, the company changed its name to Monster Beverage Corporation. It was an excellent decision.

The success of monster energy caught the eyes of Coca-Cola. So, in 2015, Coca-Cola purchased 16.7% shares of Monster for $2.15 billion. Today, this ownership has increased to 19.36%. The company sells other cherished products along with the monster energy drink across the world.

How Big Is Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Beverage Corporation, formerly Hansen Natural, owns the monster brand. It’s a US beverage company that makes and distributes drinks, along with its famous monster energy drink. The monster drink contains caffeine, guarana, ginseng root, and L- carnitine.

Other ingredients include taurine, protein, carbs, and vitamins. As the second-highest share after Red Bull, Monster Energy controls about 39% of the energy drink market. And its label boasts of thirty–nine different beverages in the North American market. It’s massive!

Under this unique umbrella, you’ll find Monster Energy Line, Monster Assault, Monster Energy Import, and Monster Energy 44. Other cherished tastes include Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Monster Rehab Peach, Monster Juice Mango Loco, and Monster Juice Pipeline Punch.

The Monster Energy drink is sold in over 100 countries, and it works with about 3,666 employees. At the end of the 2020 fiscal year, Monster Energy had global net sales of $4.6 billion. Today, the brand’s market cap is around $48.22 billion, and it trades on the Nasdaq.

Coca-cola owns approximately 19.4% of Monster. This was a long-term strategic partnership that has brought many successes to both parties since 2014. Today, Rodney Cyril Sacks is the chairperson and CEO of the company.

Can Children Drink Monster Energy Drink?

Energy drinks may seem to be a healthy choice for children, but they aren’t. Why? This is because they contain an exorbitant amount of additives and stimulants, which can be harmful to children. Some of these chemicals include taurine, ginseng, yohimbine, and caffeine. So, consuming these chemicals can lead to dehydration, insomnia, heartburns, stroke, and even death. Instead of giving energy drinks to children, you should provide them with water.

Can Monster Energy Kill You?

Nature’s law—too much of everything is harmful to your health. So, anything you take into your body should be in moderation. Sadly, in the past, monster energy drink has been linked to a few deaths: about five people. This was a report from the Food and Drug Administration and reported by the New York Times. Yet, the company has distanced itself from these cases.

Caffeine forms the core of energy drinks. And too much of it is likely to be dangerous to your health. If you can, stay away from caffeinated products and use water for a healthier lifestyle. But, if you’re addicted to energy drinks, then avoid abusing them and stick to their dosages.

Does Monster Contain Sperm?

Monster Energy Drink doesn’t contain sperm. Instead, it contains taurine—a naturally occurring chemical found in the body of humans and animals. It’s also called amino sulfonic acid. A widely circulated report states that some energy drinks contain taurine found in bulls’ semen. However, Monster uses taurine that is artificially produced and so doesn’t contain any sperm.

My Final Thoughts On Monster Energy Logo

The Monster Beverage Corporation has been involved in some scandals and controversies. Each time these negative stories showed up, the stakeholders found innovative ways to neutralize them. They have mastered the art of turning negative stories into marketing successes.

The company has thrived regardless of the attacks on its attractive logo, product safety, and business principles. They seem to understand the psychology of customers and have turned their grievances to greatness. This is how professionals handle issues of that magnitude.

The monster energy logo is not likely to change soon. Because it’s relevant today as the day it was first launched. It has met all the qualities of a workable logo. It’s unique, simple, memorable, versatile, and timeless. All things being equal, it will continue to energize the brand to more success.