Hilarious Logo Contest for Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign

The Freelance Logo Design community at LogoMyWay Kicks off Design Contest to Provide Donald Trump With a Logo for his 2020 Campaign.

With the 2020 election fast approaching, the design community at LogoMyWay wanted to do their duty to ensure that the President of the United States had the best possible logo for his 2020 campaign. Since Donald Trump’s current campaign logo is a little basic and unexciting compared to his outlandish and over-the-top Presidency, we thought we’d let our talented designers take a shot at creating a logo designs that better suits the man behind the campaign. With that said, it is our honor and privilege to present some of our favorite entries into this all-important design contest. If you’re reading this Mr. President, feel free to take your pick from the logo designs below.

We asked our logo design community to come up with their own logo. We have over 40,000 logo designers from all over the world. This is what they came up with below.


Putin 2020?  

What US President wouldn’t want a ringing endorsement from the leader of another national superpower? While most American citizens may have a little trouble reading the Russian text on this logo design, we’re confident that they’ll still get the message.

The Twitter President 

Whether it’s the fact that Twitter allows Trump to communicate directly to the American people or the fact that he only has to type a maximum of 280 characters, there’s no denying that Donald Trump is in love with the social media platform. So why shouldn’t it be a focal point on his 2020 logo?

President Pinocchio 

In case you are considering this particular logo, Mr. President, we want to ensure you that this design is merely meant to showcase how marvelous and fantastic your nose is. It’s longer and better than any other nose in the country. Everyone says so, believe us.

Jackass 4: White House Edition 

The Jackass movies and the Trump Presidency have plenty in common – no matter how squeamish it gets, we just can’t look away. The last few years have been nothing if not entertaining, so why not remind the American people that four more years of can’t-miss entertainment is just an election away?

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

With President Trump’s first term almost over, the world is still spinning and the sun is still rising in the east. When you think about it, the past few years have really been a little underwhelming. We haven’t had a nuclear holocaust yet, so why not give President Trump another four years? There are a lot of people out there who spent good money on nuclear bunkers, and we’d hate to see their investment go to waste.

Promises Made, Promises Kept 

Like him or not, there’s no denying that President Trump has kept a lot of his campaign promises. In an era where most politicians break promises more often than they break wind, Trump has actually delivered on the vast majority of things he promised during the 2016 election. Whether or not that’s a good thing, though, is a matter of opinion.

These logos were from the 2016 Trump-Pence campaign