Slipknot logo and some history behind the band

Let’s get an insight into the Slipknot logo and some history behind the nine-man band.

In 1995, a new band was born in Des Moines, Iowa. This group of nine members adopted Slipknot as their stage name. But before this famous name, the band used Meld as its initial stage brand. Then, to distance itself from other musicians, the band opted for a unique identity.

From their outfits, lyrics, and stage performances, you can see and feel the difference. Slipknot attires are attention-grabbing, their lyrics aggressive, and their live performances energetic. This uniqueness, though, angered some critics, brought them loyal fans and success. 

While most musicians use nicknames, Slipknot identifies each band member with numbers—from zero to eight. This choice also adds up to the band’s quest to be unique from the pack. To further fuel speculations, the band adopted a logo design that has a magical presence.

This iconic logo is widely known as Nonagram. It’s a nine-point star crafted from three triangles. These shapes with all sides and angles equal were rotated at 0, 40, and 80 degrees. Interestingly, the nine–points represent each band member, and it enforces their eternal bond.

Slipknot has overcome several setbacks to become one of the most familiar and successful bands in the world. As of this writing, Slipknot can brag of six studio albums, two live albums, twenty-five singles, and a single Grammy Award. Also, it has twenty–seven music videos. 

What an enviable record?

Slipknot Logo Evolution

Since it began, Slipknot has used incredible symbols to promote its albums. Here, I’ll uncover the three prominent emblems leading the band. Below, I represent to you the magical three:

1. The Star Logo:

This is the first sigil for the band. It comprises a nine-point star, and it’s labeled Nonagram. This Slipknot logo is a fusion of circles and three equilateral triangles. Each point is a band member.

2. The Wordmark Logo:

This logotype looked weird but fanciful at the same time. The trademark featured the band’s name—Slipknot with a monster look. The letters are uneven and have spikes around them. This logo looks rebellious, notorious, and mysterious, with a personality that reflects the band’s style. The custom mark looks like it was painted with a brush with rough bristles.

3. The S Logo:

The heavy metal band uses another logotype. It’s a stylized letter—S crafted from their first initial. The iconic mark looks like the dollar sign, and it has nine-pointed lines around it. The lines represent each member of the group. Like its wordmark, it also kept a mystic emotion.

Why does the Slipknot Logo Work?

1. It’s Timeless:

As weird as the Slipknot logo looks, it has no trending design elements. Instead, it has graphic features that convey the core beliefs and values of its members. So it has remained valuable and static for over twenty years.

2. It’s Simple:

You can count it among the cleanest logos in the industry. When talking about simplicity, the Slipknot logo is up there with the best. It has fewer graphic elements, making it easy for people to recognize it across multiple mediums.

3. It’s Memorable:

We can liken the Slipknot logo to a magnet. This is because it easily captures attention from all sides. This has been possible because of its bizarre design elements that have divided opinions. Yet, with this exceptional emotion, the logo sticks in the minds of fans.

4. It’s Adaptable:

The Slipknot logo has no issue with scalability. It has no detailed design elements to hinder its quality. So, from tiny to larger surfaces, it can resize to suit any advertising platform without giving up on its sharpness and personality.

5. It’s Readable:

Almost everyone agrees Slipknot has a wordmark that can be described as untidy. However, this out–of–the–norm choice doesn’t affect its personality. On the contrary, the logotype is unique, readable, and aligns with the band’s style of making and performing music.

Slipknot Logo Design Elements

Text, color, and geometric shapes are the graphic elements that make the Slipknot logo unique and attractive. These design elements are combined creatively to convey the mystical personality of the band visually. Let’s study these elements further:

Slipknot Logo Shape And Symbols

1. A Star:

One apparent icon in the logo is a star with nine points. It was created from a blend of three triangles. A star is a symbol of magic and power. It represents dreams, purity, and good luck. In addition, a nine-point star symbolizes magic, leadership, completeness, and fulfillment.

2. Letter–S:

The stylized—S is another attractive mark that represents the band. It’s the first initial from the band’s name, and it resembles the American dollar sign. As the 19th letter of the alphabet, the letter—S resonates with self–confidence, skillfulness, simplicity, sacredness, and supremacy.

Slipknot Logo Colors

1. Red Color:

Red is an intense color that evokes the lyrical dexterity and stage performance of Slipknot. The color of passion represents energy, strength, and excitement. In contrast, this primary hue conveys rage, anger, and danger. These are emotions anyone can quickly identify with the band.

2. Black Color:

With the members always performing in masks, black is a suitable color that conveys their hidden charisma. The color carries the emotion of mystery, elegance, and authority. In contrast, the color of darkness symbolizes evil, fear, death, chaos, and rebellion.

3. White Color:

The white color in the design gives the red and black colors a balancing clarity. It’s a neutral color that stands for purity, cleanliness, and safety. White also symbolizes humility, softness, and perfection. Its presence in the logo shows Slipknot isn’t into anything satanic.

What Font Is Slipknot Using?

To paint their musical charisma via letters, Slipknot chose a novel typeface. Though the font looks somewhat messy, rugged, and uneven, it’s highly readable. The closest typeface you can use is the horror type called Sickness Font. It promotes the mystical lifestyle of the band vividly.

What Is Slipknot Logo Called?

The Slipknot logo is called Nonagram. The name stemmed from the nine-point parts of the iconic sigil. The points of the stars represent members of the group who identified themselves with numbers from zero to eight instead of their names. This is an identity worth applauding.

What Does Slipknot’s Symbol Mean?

Though some believe the Slipknot logo is rooted in the dark world—occult and Satanism, the iconic nine singers think otherwise. Their celebrated trademark symbolizes unity, friendship, and the fight against the fictional world. In short, the logo stands for their persona. 

Who Created the Slipknot Logo?

While expert graphic designers create most logos, the Slipknot emblem is different. Members of the band draw inspiration from their numbers and imagination in crafting a logo that sings their tune. It’s a powerful sigil of artwork that has joined the world’s iconic emblems. 

Where Did the Slipknot S Come From?

There is nothing hidden here. The letter—S, which the group has idolized in an eye-catching manner, comes from Slipknot’s first initial. The name was also adopted from the opening track of their demo–cum–album unveiled in 1996 on Halloween.

Where Does Slipknot Come From?

A lot of fans wonder where Slipknot comes from. Well, these strange-looking musicians are closer to you than you think. This dynamic group of nine talented artists comes from Des Moines, Iowa, United States. They include Crahan, Craig, Corey, Chris, and Gray. The rest are Jim, Jordison, Mick, and Sid. So now you know: Slipknot isn’t an alien from other planets.

What Do Slipknot Masks Represent?

The idea of wearing a mask originated from Michael Shawn Crahan, the oldest member of the band. According to him, the Slipknot masks represent the person behind the veil. The masks evoke the identity and belief of each member of the band. Most of these masks have changed over the years, making a statement that human beings are dynamic.

What Are Slipknot Fans Called?

Music is addictive! And out of this craving comes loyal and die-hard–fans who are branded. This has become the norm, and fans seem to love the idea of connecting to a star or group of stars. So, from how fans respond to Slipknot music during shows, they earned the nickname—Maggots. However, isn’t this name offensive and funny for loyal followers?

What Genre Is Slipknot?

Most fans and music critics widely consider the Slipknot music genre as nu-metal. They associate Slipknot with Korn and Limp Bizkit, who are nu metal music makers. Yet, Slipknot doesn’t see itself in this category. The band members identify their sound as metal–metal. Few others note their sound as heavy metal, alternative metal, hard rock, death metal, etc.

How Much Is Slipknot Worth?

The nine-member band, Slipknot, has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The crew from Iowa has about six studio albums to their celebrated name. These albums and other creative products, such as live performances and videos, accounted for their net worth.

How Slipknot Got Started?

From an unlikely place, Des Moines, Iowa, Slipknot was founded in 1995. It was started by Shawn Crahan (percussionist), Joey Jordison (drummer), and Paul Gray (bassist). Slipknot is one of America’s heavy metal bands that features nine fun-loving and talented musicians.

From the beginning, these forerunners met at Sinclair Oil Corporation to brainstorm. It was a gas-filling station where Joey worked on a night shift. During one of such meetings, Joey suggested adopting Slipknot as the band’s name. It was a reference to one of their title songs.

The band started recording at SR Audio in Iowa. This project costs them about $40,000, which they funded out of their pockets. Sadly, before releasing their demo, Donnie Steele, a guitarist, left the band in February 1996. His decision was purely on religion and spirituality.

Quickly, the group brought in Craig Jones as his replacement. Later, Mick Thomson joined the band as its guitarist, moving Jones to the role of the band’s sampler. Finally, after a hectic recording, Slipknot released its demo—Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat on 31st October 1996.

With less airplay and delivery networks, Slipknot made less impact on the music scene. So, they made some changes to their membership and went back to the studio. Slipknot finally released its second demo, about two years after the first one. It featured five exclusive tracks.

Unlike the first, this demo caught the attention of some record labels. And in February 1998, Ross Robinson, a producer, offered to produce their first album. In addition, Sid Wilson, a DJ, was added to strengthen the band further, becoming the group’s ninth member.

On 8th July 1998, Roadrunner Records signed a contract with Slipknot. The band received $500,000 and a seven-album deal. However, before finishing their debut album in Malibu, California, the band had some issues. As a result, some members left, and new ones were recruited as replacements.

Finally, the album came to fruition in 1999. This allowed the band to have its first tour as part of the Ozzfest lineup for that year. After this, Slipknot toured multiple countries to support the album. Luckily, the band gained more followers from their tour and word–of–mouth promotion.

In 2000, Slipknot became certified platinum, the first of a kind for Roadrunner Records. The group worked hard to receive ten Grammy Awards nominations and winning one in 2006. Some of the band’s albums include Slipknot, Iowa, and All Hope Is Gone.

Sadly, on 24th May 2010, Gray was found dead in a hotel. A later autopsy confirmed that he died of an overdose of morphine. His death nearly broke the band apart, but it’s still active today. 

Summary of Slipknot Logo

For almost two decades, Slipknot has endured and enjoyed an eventful musical career. But, it wasn’t easy for them to keep a standing nine-member band. So, their membership has evolved over the years. While death impacted the group, others left for religious and personal reasons.

Despite these hard times, the members found the motivation to stay together. They found equally outstanding talents as substitutes and came up even stronger than before. Slipknot’s career took off on the positive side when Roadrunner Records signed a seven-album deal with the band.

Slipknot recorded, released, and performed hits songs that electrified its fans with the record label as its backbone. To add to the fun, Slipknot also performs with horrifying masks to hide their true identity. This mystery paid off by increasing the band’s fame and success. 

Finally, the Slipknot logo has also added vastly to the band becoming a global music legend.