How to hire a logo designer

If you are looking to hire a logo designer to create a unique and professional logo for your company, the good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from. Thanks to online platforms such as LogoMyWay, hiring creative logo designers is now easier than it has ever been before.

With so many options to choose from, though, finding the right designer for your project can sometimes be a real challenge. To help you out, here are a few of the most important things that you will want to look for when hiring a creative logo designer.

Plenty of Experience

When it comes to logo design, nothing is more valuable than experience. Before you hire a designer to create a logo for your company, make sure to check out their past experience with logo design.

On LogoMyWay, we make it easy for clients to see how much experience a designer has by displaying the number of logo contests that they have entered as well as the number of logo design contests that they have won on the front page of the designer’s profile. In just a glance, you’ll be able to tell just how much experience the designer that you are considering has to create professional logos.

An Impressive Portfolio 

There’s no better way to learn more about the type of work that a designer delivers than to spend a few minutes scrolling through their portfolio. On LogoMyWay, each designer on the platform has a portfolio on their profile that contains every single logo design that they have ever submitted on the website.

Just taking the time to scroll through these logo designs will give you a solid grasp of what to expect from a designer, including the quality of their work, their stylistic choices, and more. If the designs that you find in a designer’s portfolio match the type of design that you are looking for in your own logo, then that designer will likely be a good fit for your project.

The Right Stylistic Choices 

While many logo designers are very versatile in regards to the different types of logos that they are able to create, the fact still remains that each designer will bring their own style and influences into the project.

Artistic styles are like fingerprints in that every designer’s style is entirely unique. Your job when hiring a designer for your project is to find a designer whose style matches what it is that you are looking for in your logo.

By far, the best way to go about making sure that you find a designer whose style matches your vision for your logo is to spend some time browsing through the designer’s portfolio. If you look long enough, you’ll likely begin to notice certain trends in their designs. Perhaps it’s a certain font that they are fond of using, or certain geometric pattern that appears in most of their designs. In many cases, though, the trends you find won’t be as concrete as these examples. Rather, they’ll simply be an overall feeling that you get about a designer’s style when you look through their portfolio.

Either way, finding a designer whose artistic style is in-line with the style you are looking to replicate in your own logo design is an important aspect of finding the right logo designer for your project.

Professional Communication

Effective communication is an essential aspect of logo design. You can hire the best artist in the world, but if they aren’t able to understand your instructions and you aren’t able to understand their feedback, then the project isn’t going to go very smoothly at all.

In order to ensure that your vision for your logo is brought to life, you need to work with a designer who is willing and able to communicate with you to learn more about your requirements and desires.

Not only will hiring a designer with professional communication skills increase the chances of you ending up with the logo design that you wanted, but it will also make the entire process more comfortable and more enjoyable. Thankfully, most designers on LogoMyWay understand the vital importance of effective communication and will go above and beyond to ensure that they are following the right instructions and offering the proper feedback.

A High Degree of Creativity

If you want to create a truly unique logo for your company – one that will stand out from the crowd and be immediately recognizable to your customers – you need to hire a designer with enough creativity to design a logo unlike anything else that is currently in use.

Of course, creativity is something that is very difficult to measure and gauge. The best way to get a feel for the creativity of a designer that you are considering will be to, once again, browse through the designer’s portfolio.

How unique are the designs in their portfolio? Do their designs convey a special sense of creativity, or are they standard, cookie-cutter designs that aren’t unique at all? If you can look through the portfolio of a designer that you are considering and walk away feeling as if you have seen plenty of creativity on display then there’s a good chance that the designer will have enough creativity to design a truly unique logo for your company.

Looking For a Logo Designer?

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Marketing Acumen 

The best logo designers are just as adept at marketing as they are at graphic design. A logo, after all, is a marketing tool. It’s something that is used to raise awareness about your brand, convey messages to your audience, and more. It’s not enough, therefore, for a logo to look professional and be visually appealing – it also needs to market your brand in the most effective way possible.

Looking through a designer’s portfolio to see what messages their designs convey can give you some idea of a designer’s marketing acumen. However, it isn’t straightforward to tell how much experience a designer has with marketing just by looking at their past designs since you won’t be able to know what messages the logo’s owner was asking them to convey. The only real way to gauge how much marketing experience a designer has is to communicate with them yourself.

Explain your brand to the designer that you are considering as well as the goals of your company, the message you want your logo to convey, and so on, then see what ideas they have for the design. A great logo designer will take the information that you provide them with then come up with a logo design that is intended to help your company reach its marketing objectives.

How LogoMyWay Makes the Hiring Process Easy 

If you are hiring a single designer to create a logo for your company, you have to be very particular about the designer that you choose. A lot of time, thought, and research has to go into the decision when you only have one chance to get it right.

For a long time, companies needing a logo designed only had two options: either hire a freelance designer or hire a designer from a design agency. In both cases, though, the company in question would most often end up working with a single designer on their project.

Today, however, companies no longer have to settle on receiving designs from a single designer. Instead, you can now create a logo design contest and receive designs based on your specific instructions from dozens of designers located all over the world.

When you are able to receive dozens of different designs from multiple designers, the process of finding the perfect designer for your logo is made much easier. Thanks to LogoMyWay, you no longer have to select a single designer to work with. Instead, you can create a logo contest and choose the design you like the best from dozens of different entries.

Using A Logo Maker

If you decide to make your own logo, you can use the LogoMyWay Logo Maker and design your logo in 5 minutes. Once you customize your logo you can instantly download the logo files and begin to use your logo. The logo maker is an excellent option for those on a strict budget and wants their logo fast. You can customize colors and fonts until the logo is exactly the way you want it.

The process of hiring the right designer for your project can be a real challenge, but, with LogoMyWay, it doesn’t have to be. If you are ready to begin receiving creative, professional logo designs straight to your inbox, we invite you to start your own logo design contest today!