Dallas Cowboys logo and some history behind the team

Let’s get an insight into the Dallas Cowboys logo and some history behind the football club.

Do you know why the Dallas Cowboys are regarded as America’s Team? Well, before revealing the reason behind his tribute, let’s look at their visual ambassadors. The Dallas Cowboys, since their inception, have had a modest yet iconic logo representing them for about 61 years.

It’s a five-pointer lone star that has changed little. In 1964, the designer added a white outline to balance its personality. Since then, the navy blue star has become one of the most recognizable marks in the sporting industry. It’s distinctive, powerful, and memorable.

Although they aren’t in use, the franchise had other logos. They featured a cowboy player on a horse. This cartoon-looking trademark came in two versions—a white logo and a red logo. The white logo featured a horse running to the left while the red moved to the right.

In 1960, the team played its maiden season at the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Since that humble showing, the club has grown to be the most valuable NFL franchise. The franchise earned the enviable title—America’s Team because of its stadium sellouts and staggering revenue.

For instance, the Dallas Cowboys, in 2019, generated $950 million in revenue. This was the highest revenue in the National Football League. With this revenue, the club keeps its desirable image as the most valuable NFL franchise and the most valuable sports team brand globally.

Cowboys Logo Evolution

The Dallas Cowboys have favored two official logos. Isn’t it surprising that a franchise that has stayed for about sixty years has only used two emblems? The owners have held onto the star trademark because it represents the club professionally well. If you desire to explore more, let’s flip the remaining pages.

1960—The Blue Logo:

The original logo to represent the Dallas Cowboys was a star. This dark blue star logo comprised a five-pointed end. And it reigned for about three years.

1964—The Blue And White Logo:

After three years, the Dallas Cowboys retooled their emblem. It was a minor addition of a white line along the contours of the star. With this tweak, the star looks visually pleasing to the eye.

Alternative Emblems

1960—The Blue Horse Logo:

The Dallas Cowboys used one of their alternative logos for ten years. It reigned between 1960 and 1970. This emblem comprised a horse carrying a cowboy with a football in hand. The color scheme for this logo was blue and white. The horse, in action, took a left turn.

1966—The Red Horse Logo:

This Dallas Cowboys logo galloped to the right. It came in four color choices. These include red, black, blue, and white. Officially, the club used it for about three years.

Why Does Cowboys Logo work?

1. The Logo Is Simple:

The Dallas Cowboys logo is influential and successful because it’s simple. Modest logos are the ones with lesser graphic elements. This makes them highly recognizable and quick to remember. It’s no secret that the Cowboys logo has only one icon with two colors.

2. The Logo Is Unique:

Again, the Dallas Cowboys logo is practical because it’s exceptional. You’ll hardly find similar visual identities in the football industry. This uniqueness makes it easy for fans to differentiate it from competing clubs. With this quality in check, the brand avoids confusion.

3. The Logo Is Memorable:

Great logos are memorable across every industry. Most of these impactful logos have fewer design elements, which makes them shine. Luckily, the Dallas Cowboys logo falls in the same hall of fame. Its cleanliness makes it easy for fans to connect and recall its brand personality.

4. The Logo Is Versatile:

Today’s advertising platform is vast and ever-expanding. This provides several mediums for promoting brands. Interestingly, the owners of the Cowboys franchise know the benefits of using these channels. Therefore, they have a logo that can scale on multiple platforms.

5. The Logo Is Timeless:

The Dallas Cowboys logo contains no fads or trendy graphic elements. Instead, you’ll only spot a lone star representing the club. In designing the emblem, the designer focused on the brand’s core ideas and values. That’s why for almost six decades, the brand is still reigning.

Cowboys Logo Design Elements

Design elements are the crucial ingredients for creating any branding assets. However, you risk hurting your brand identity if you don’t pick with care. Fortunately, the artist behind the Dallas Cowboys trademark chose the most suitable graphic features for the team. Now, let’s explore the colors and the icon the designer used in designing this famous yet straightforward logo.

Cowboys Logo Shape And Symbols

1. A Lone Star:

A star is the only identifiable shape marking the personality of the Dallas Cowboys emblem. As a geometric icon, the star has evolved into a sacred symbol cherished worldwide. Most people believe it emits positive energies. These are guidance, protection, and purity. Also, you can use a star to symbolize light, peace, victory, glory, and good luck.

Cowboys Logo Colors

1. Blue Color:

Blue is one of the Dallas Cowboys’ custom colors. You’ll identify the shade as navy blue. Blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, and freedom. Also, it can evoke the emotions of stability, confidence, and serenity. Psychologists associate blue with intuition, heaven, and inspiration.

2. White Color:

The next official club color is white. It marks the outline of the star. In most cases, it evokes positive vibes. Experts associate the color white with light, goodness, and purity. Also, this neutral color resonates with faith, protection, humility, and simplicity.

Who Designed the Dallas Cowboys Logo?

Jack Eskridge crafted the Cowboys logo, the navy blue star. In his youthful days, Jack played professional basketball. He featured for the Chicago Stags and the Indianapolis Jets. In 1959, Tom Landry hired him as the club’s equipment manager. He served the club for 13 years.

Is Cowboys Logo Copyrighted?

The Dallas Cowboys have filed several trademarks, including their iconic blue and white star logotype. Under Attorney Bonnie Jarrett, the Cowboys had their visual ambassador registered on May 30, 2006. Dallas Cowboys Football Club, LTD owns the logo.

Why Is It Called Cowboys?

The club’s original name was Dallas Steers. Later, it assumed the name Dallas Rangers. Then, in 1960, owners of the franchise adopted the Cowboys’ name. This change aimed to distinguish the team and the baseball team, the American Association Dallas Rangers.

What Does Cowboys Logo Look Like?

The Dallas Cowboys logo is a star. It’s a five-pointed star that dazzles in a navy blue and white color palette. The iconic emblem pays homage to Texas’ nickname—The Lone Star State. 

Why Do the Dallas Cowboys Always Wear White?

Blue and white (or silver) are the official colors of the Dallas Cowboys. However, in 1960, Tex Schramm, then club president, decided that white would be the official uniform for the home matches. The aim was to differentiate the Dallas Cowboys from visiting teams. 

In 1968, the team lost to the Browns in the playoffs and the Super Bowl V to the Colts. Sadly, these two historic defeats came while wearing the blue jersey. Because fans think of the blue uniform as a curse, they favored the white over the blue.

Yet, this feeling has changed over time, as the iconic blue has seen results.

What Colors Is the Dallas Cowboys Star?

The Dallas Cowboys have two official colors. They are blue and white. Most people identify the blue either as navy or royal. Similarly, some people also recognize the white color as silver.

How Cowboys Got Started?

In 1960, the Cowboys made their debut in the National Football League. Initially, they played their home games at Cotton Bowl Stadium. Then, for three seasons, they shared the stadium with the Dallas Texans. Today, the Dallas Texans have adopted the name Kansas City Chiefs.

Clint Murchison Jr. became the Dallas Cowboys’ owner after bitter opposition from George Preston Marshall, owner of Washington Redskins. As the majority owner, Clint hired Tex Schramm as general manager and Tom Landry as head coach.

He also appointed Gil Brandt as player personnel director. The team struggled in its first five seasons, winning five games per season on average. This was because of a lack of quality players. However, in 1966, the team found the magic formula that propelled it to the league’s top.

That season marks the start of the club’s twenty consecutive winning streaks in the NFL. The Cowboys won their maiden two divisional titles in 1966 and 1967. They did happen lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Championship in each of those years. 

In 1971, the Cowboys moved to Texas Stadium. They won their first home game 44-21 over New England. But they struggled against the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears. With Roger Staubach at his best, the Cowboys won five NFC Championships and two Super Bowls. 

These historic seasons saw the growth of the club’s fan base, eventually earning the accolade—America’s Team. In 1984, Clint sold the club to H.R. Bright, an oil business owner. But after five years, he also sold the franchise to Jerry Jones, another entrepreneur. 

To fans’ displeasure, Jerry sacked Tom Landry, replacing him with Jimmy Johnson as head coach. The Cowboys completed the season with a 1-15 record, the worst score since it began. To return the team to winning ways, Jimmy drafted some new players. 

With this squad, the Cowboys finished 7-9. Jimmy won coach of the year while Smith settled for the offensive Rookie of the Year. The Dallas Cowboys won their third and fourth Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993, respectively. 

Again, they got close to winning their fifth title in 1994, but luck eluded them. Finally, in 1995, the Cowboys added their fifth Super Bowl victory by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2008, the Cowboys played their last season in the Texas Stadium. 

Then, marking their fiftieth season, they moved to the AT&T Stadium the following year. The new stadium cost over $1 billion. Today, under Mike McCarthy, they are working hard to emulate their glorious days. And hopefully, they will get there soon!

How Big Are the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are an American football club that plays in the NFL. The club’s head office is in Frisco, Texas, and they play their home matches at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In 1960, the Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team.

Today, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most decorated sporting clubs in the world. They have had some legends in the game’s history. We can recall Tom Landry, Bob Lilly, and Roger Staubach. We can also name Tex Schramm, Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Mel Renfro, etc. 

Since its maiden appearance, the Cowboys have won five Super Bowls, ten Conference Championships, and thirty-three playoffs. They have also won twenty-three Division Championships, including the NFL Capitol. 

In 2015, Forbes valued the Cowboys team at $4 billion, becoming the most valuable team worldwide. Three years on, the club became the most valuable NFL franchise for the 12th straight year. In its remarkable sixty-one years, it has earned several nicknames. 

These include America’s Team, Doomsday Defense, the Boys, and Big D. In 2019, the franchise generated $950 million in revenue, the highest among all NFL teams. 

Today, its value stands at $5.7 billion.

Wrapping Up On the Dallas Cowboys Logo History

The Cowboys logo is one of the highly recognized symbols worldwide. Its shape and color choice are the hallmarks of a trusted, clean, and influential label. Again, its cleanliness allows for quick processing and memorability. So its teeming fans always stand by it.

The Dallas Cowboys franchise has an impressive history. They became part of the National Football League after intense opposition from George Marshall. Interestingly, it took the “Hail to the Redskins” song to settle the conflict between George Marshall and Clint Murchison Jr.

Yet, the football rivalry continues till today. The Cowboys began their illustrious journey in 1960. Initially, they played their home matches at Cotton Bowl before moving to Texas Stadium in 1971. Today, the Cowboys play their home games at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

This stadium, which cost over $1 billion, received backlash from its fans. They criticized its outlook and high energy use. But, like other successful teams, the Dallas Cowboys have had their share of glories and sorrows. These trials and triumphs have contributed to their inspiring history.

Through hard work, the club has rewritten the National Football League’s history. They have won five Super Bowls, ten Conference Championships, thirty-three playoffs appearances, and twenty-three Division Championships, including the NFL Capitol. That’s just impressive!