Beyond Meat Logo and How They Started

This is a look at Beyond Meat Logo and how the business was started.

Since first being founded in 2009, Beyond Meat is a company that has taken the culinary world by storm thanks to its wide range of plant-based meat substitutes that look and taste like real meat. With vegan and vegetarian diets rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and across the world as people begin attempting to live a healthier lifestyle and lower their ecological footprint, Beyond Meat has capitalized on a wave in the culinary industry that has enabled them to become a highly successful company, while focusing on only a single culinary niche – making plants taste like meat.

While Beyond Meat’s international success is certainly thanks especially to the company’s ability to make healthy and great-tasting plant-based meat substitutes, Beyond Meat has done an excellent job of marketing their products as well – and the Beyond Meat logo has played a critical role in these marketing efforts.

Below, we’ll explore the brief yet the interesting history of Beyond Meat and how they became one of the most successful vegan culinary companies in the world today, as well as take a look at the Beyond Meat logo design and how that logo has played a role in Beyond Meat’s worldwide success.

The History of Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat was first founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. After receiving funding from big-name investors such as Bill Gates and Tyson Foods, Beyond Meat began developing its first line of plant-based meat substitutes.

Beyond Meat enjoyed its first entrance into the retail market in 2013 when the company began selling a plant-based chicken substitute to Whole Food markets across the country. With the popularity of its first for-retail product quickly taking off, Beyond Meat went on to develop and launch a plant-based beef substitute as well just one year later.
Shortly thereafter, Beyond Meat began partnering with restaurants to introduce new vegan dishes that were made using Beyond Meat’s products. Over the years, Beyond Meat has partnered with a wide range of restaurants to develop flavorful vegan dishes that look and taste as if they were made using real meat. One of Beyond Meat’s more famous partnerships was their partnership with Carl’s Jr in 2018 to launch the “Beyond Burger” – a burger made using a plant-based meat patty.

In addition to this well-known partnership though, Beyond Meat has also partnered with dozens of other restaurants over the years to create a wide range of new vegan dishes. In 2019, Beyond Meat partnered with Dunkin Donuts to create the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage, and in 2018 TGI Fridays launched the Beyond Cheeseburger across the nation.
Therefore, it’s safe to say that Beyond Meat has undoubtedly enjoyed a high degree of success. For Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown, though, taking Beyond Meat to the highest levels of success was always about more than just the money. Beyond Meat was founded in many ways as a direct response to the many health and ecological problems that the world now faces. By making plant-based foods that look and taste like real meat, Beyond Meat can do its part to change consumer habits for the better without forcing the consumer to feel as if they have sacrificed something in the process.

From an environmental standpoint, Beyond Meat is undoubtedly doing an extraordinary job. According to a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the Beyond Burger conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, the Beyond Burger that Beyond Meat developed for Carl’s Jr generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions throughout its production, requires 46% less energy to produce, and has 93% less impact on land use than a burger that is made using a quarter-pound of real beef.
In addition to producing products that are more sustainable and better for the environment, Beyond Meat is also doing its part to make us all healthier.

One of the primary issues with the average American diet today is the overabundance of red meat. While undeniably delicious and fine in the right moderation, red meat was never meant to be the bulk of the human diet. By developing products that taste like red meat but are made entirely out of plants, Beyond Meat helps to shift consumer habits in a way that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, helping pave the way for a healthier future for mankind and planet earth alike.

How are Beyond Meat Products Made?
Making plants look and taste like real meat is no easy task, and the science behind Beyond Meat’s process of making plant-based meat substitutes is rather complicated.
Beyond Meat’s products are made using ingredients derived from plants such as peas, rice, and mung beans and coconut oil, and canola oil. To make these ingredients taste like meat, though, the chefs and scientists at Beyond Meat went about extracting proteins from these plants and rearranging them into how proteins are arranged in meat.

In a way, this is the same process that cows, chickens, and other animals perform themselves when they consume plant proteins and rearrange them into muscle proteins. By “skipping the middle man,” so to speak, though, Beyond Meat can turn plant proteins into meat proteins in a way that has a much lower impact on the environment while at the same time still providing all of the healthy benefits of the plant itself.

As complicated as this process might sound, the reality is that Beyond Meat’s products require no more processing than any other typical food product, meaning the company can keep its own carbon footprint as low as possible.

Of course, as innovative as the company’s products might be, Beyond Meat still needed to establish itself as the leader in plant-based meat alternatives to achieve its ultimate mission of changing consumer habits for the better. As with all companies, this required a very detailed and comprehensive marketing plan – and one factor that has certainly played a significant role in Beyond Meat’s worldwide marketing efforts to its unique and attractive logo design.

Design Elements of the Beyond Meat Logo

The Beyond Meat logo design is an eye-catching and attractive design that features a white bull wearing a cape encircled by a bright green background. As we’ll discuss, there are several reasons why this logo design works so well for Beyond Meat’s marketing efforts.
To start, the colors of the Beyond Meat are bright and eye-catching. It’s also no accident that the colors found in the Beyond Meat logo convey ideas and emotions that match Beyond Meat’s mission.

Color theory and the meaning behind various colors are things that we talk about a lot here at LogoMyWay. It’s one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when you are creating a new logo design. By choosing green – a color associated with health and nature – and white – a color associated with goodness and purity – for their logo’s color scheme, Beyond Meat is sending a very clear and specific message about the nature of their company and the products that they produce.

Helping drive home this message even further is the imagery that Beyond Meat makes use of. Displaying a bull wearing a cape accomplishes several important purposes. For one, portraying a real animal in their logo instead of developing a logo that represented only plants helps convey that Beyond Meat’s products really taste like real meat. However, putting a cape on the bull in their logo Beyond Meat tells us that the bull is the hero in this company’s story as opposed to the product that is being sold.
Also helping drive home the core mission of Beyond Meat is that the bull’s cape looks like a leaf. By blending imagery of plants and animals, Beyond Meat can tell the story of their brand and inform customers about what it is that Beyond Meat does all through simple imagery.

While it is true that few customers will be able to glean all of this information about Beyond Meat simply by looking at their logo alone, the Beyond Meat logo design does certainly help drive these points home while also serving as an attractive and eye-catching design element that the company has been able to use across their product’s packaging and throughout their various marketing efforts.
Useful Takeaways from the Beyond Meat Logo Design
If you are looking for inspiration or ideas for your own logo design, there are several useful points that you can take away from the Beyond Meat logo design.

The first and arguably most valuable lesson that Beyond Meat logo demonstrates is the importance of choosing the right color scheme. In the Beyond Meat logo, the green and white color scheme that the designers chose is eye-catching and pleasing to look at and be a color scheme that purposefully conveys the ideas and emotions that Beyond Meat wants its customers to associate with the brand. In fact, the Beyond Meat’s color scheme is likely the design’s most effective and important element. A lot of thought undoubtedly went into choosing the right color scheme for the Beyond Meat logo design, and the results couldn’t have been better. If you are designing your own logo, putting this level of attention to detail into the color scheme that you choose is sure to be incredibly beneficial for your company as well.

As meaningful as the color scheme found in the Beyond Meat logo is, the imagery in this attractive logo design is equally meaningful. By fusing imagery of plants and meat into a single design, Beyond Meat was able to tell the story of what their company does creatively and artistically. Whatever your company’s story and mission might be, developing images that tell your company’s story in the same way that the bull/leaf design tells the story and mission of Beyond Meat is a goal you should certainly pursue.

Lastly, the final key lesson that can be learned from the Beyond Meat logo is that you don’t need an incredibly complex design to get the job done, even when your company’s products and services are themselves complex and different from everything else on the market. The Beyond Meat logo features a single image and two colors yet accurately depict many elements of a rather unique and complex company.

When you pay attention to detail and carefully select the colors and images that your logo uses, you can tell a very specific and detailed story through imagery without developing an overly complex or confusing design. In fact, when it comes to communicating through your logo design, simple is almost always going to be better. The Beyond Meat logo is a simple and straightforward design that certainly doesn’t look messy or over-the-top. Yet, this simple logo design still manages to tell you everything you need to know about a uniquely different company from most any other company in the culinary industry.

All things considered, the Beyond Meat logo design is a highly effective design that serves as a wonderful example of a logo done right. If you would like to create a logo for your own company worthy of the same praise, the expert designers at LogoMyWay can help.

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