MrBeast logo and his history

Let’s get an insight into the MrBeast logo and some history behind the YouTube superstar.

MrBeast is the pseudonym of the celebrated American Vlogger, Jimmy Donaldson—He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and YouTuber. Born in Kansas, the online influencer started his video sharing in 2012. He was 13 when he posted under the moniker—MrBeast6000.

Most people regard MrBeast as the pioneer of Junklord YouTube. This is a series of long videos revolving around weird stunts. Though he started in 2012, it took him five years to experience his breakthrough. Thanks to his 40-hour video content—Counting to 100,000.

Even though young, he understood the power of branding. Therefore, he introduced his first visual identity when he began. It was a roaring tiger on a blue and black striped frame. He unveiled the second trademark by refining the original one. It looked more vicious than the first.

Then, in 2018, he and his creative team released their latest Mr Beast logo. This trademark comprises a wild panther with a square background. The beast has a bolt of lightning beaming from its eye. Overall, the logo looks powerful and ready to attack.

Today, MrBeast and his visual ambassador are worth $8 million. But, again, they have a subscriber base of about 153 million. This figure is an accumulation of all the channels he owns.  

Mr. Beast Logo Evolution

The MrBeast logo has evolved twice. First, the original design led the online channel in 2012. Then, after six years, it got updated. However, the updated version lasted for only five months. Finally, the online channel picked a fierce panther to represent its personality in the same year.

Now, let’s explore these transitions.

2012—The Original Logo:

The MrBeast logo was released in 2012. It comprised a roaring tiger on a striped frame. While the beast was executed in white, light blue, and black shade, the frame had blue and black hues. The tiger had a red nose, tongue, and white teeth, turning to the left. To show its readiness to attack, the tiger’s ear pressed down, and its eyebrows pulled backward. It lasted for six years.

2018—The Second Logo:

In 2018, the YouTuber had a refined visual identity. Here, the designer changed the beast’s contour lines and color scheme. For instance, a dark blue replaced the previous black color. Also, the ear, nose, teeth, eyes, and mane became highly visible. Also, the lines were reduced from eleven to seven while the ear stood up. Sadly, it ruled for about five months.

2018—The Current Logo:

In June 2018, the tiger paved the way for a wild panther. The blue panther with a red lightning bolt sits on a light blue and white frame. Creatively, the stripes are diagonal with torn marks, showing scratches or a beast’s claws. Compared to the previous logos, it looks animated and faces the right. Also, this image walks above a bold wordmark—MrBeast in all caps.

Why Does MrBeast Logo work?

1.      The Logo Is Unique:

The MrBeast logo is practical because of its rarity. The panther, with its fearsome persona, enjoys no resemblance to any brand in the blogosphere. This elevates it above others. So, to position your brand above your competition, distance it from your rivals. And to achieve this all-essential task, aim for a custom design.

2.      The Logo Is Modest:

Graphic directors applaud simple logos—The reason is that such trademarks are recognizable. In addition, these logos use fewer design elements to evoke their personality. Happily, the MrBeast falls into the same league. It has only an icon and a wordmark, making it more noticeable.

3.      The Logo Is Readable:

In business, the focus is on the audience. So, in designing a logo, ensure your customers can read its inscription. So, naturally, it hurts the eye when the text is unreadable. However, the MrBeast logo is above this negative issue. It’s clean, bold, and understandable.

4.      The Logo Is Memorable:

The MrBeast logo is easy to recall. You won’t find detailed graphic elements that blur its personality. Again, the striking presence of the beast captures attention and quickly builds a connection with viewers. This stamps its image on viewers’ minds, making it unforgettable.

5.      The Logo Is Versatile:

There are several ways to use a logo. For utmost impact, your logo should fit multiple channels. These are billboards, websites, letterheads, call cards, merchandise, flyers, etc. Luckily, the MrBeast logo can be viewed on these advertising mediums. Thanks to its simple layout!

Mr. Beast Logo Design Elements

Design elements are crucial to any graphic project. So, MrBeast uses relevant graphic elements to evoke the personality of its brand. While there are several design features, the designer of the logo focused on core elements.

And beside colors, you’ll find a square, diagonal lines, and a beast. The fusion of these elements gave birth to a unique, powerful, memorable, and eye-catching logo. And since each element has its special symbolism, it’s worth exploring them further.

Mr. Beast Logo Shape And Symbols

1.      A Square:

A square is a symbol of balance and stability. It’s the geometric shape that serves as the frame for the logo. Interestingly, some of its emotions are unity, orderliness, and protection. Again, some experts align its charisma to the cardinal direction – north, south, east, and west. 

2.      A Tiger:

A tiger is the largest species of the feline family. Also, it was the beast that carried the personalities of the first two logos. In most traditions, a tiger symbolizes fierceness, strength, and power. In addition, it signifies fearlessness, bravery, majesty, and independence.

3.      A Panther:

In some civilizations, people looked at the panther as a symbol of death and darkness. This animal is the face of the current trademark. As a beast from the cat family, a panther symbolizes honor, strength, and leadership. In the same light, it represents aggression, power, and protection.

4.      Lightning Bolt:

The panther’s eye emits a lightning bolt. This element is a celestial symbol with special emotions. In effect, it carries the spirit of speed, decisiveness, and swiftness to a larger extent. Again, this supernatural mark represents enlightenment, intelligence, and intuition.

Mr. Beast Logo Colors

1.      A Blue Color:

Blue is the dominant color of the MrBeast logo. Importantly, all the logos have evoked the brand’s image with trust. Blue, a primary color, signifies imagination, freedom, and sincerity. Again, the ocean color symbolizes stability, confidence, and reliability. As a video blogger, viewers expect these essential values from the video blogger.

2.      A Black Color:

Black is the next custom color on the MrBeast logo. It paints the wordmark and the outline of the panther. Its presence enhances the personality of the logo. In some cultures, people associate black with fear, evil, death, and mystery. While in other spheres, it symbolizes power, strength, elegance, and authority. Again, these are suitable emotions for the brand’s wild charisma.

3.      A White Color:

Like the two colors above, white reigns in all the designs. In the current logo, you’ll see it beautifying the panther’s eye and teeth. White, a neutral color, represents goodness, purity, and understanding. Similarly, it symbolizes safety, brilliance, possibilities, and humility. Again, this is a powerful color that gives a balancing effect to the other colors.

4.      A Red Color:

Red is the fourth official color for MrBeast. In the previous designs, it marked the nose and tongue of the tiger. However, the latest logo paints the panther’s tongue and the lightning bolt. Red, the hue of blood, symbolizes love, passion, desire, and joy. On the flip side, it represents rage, anger, danger, and warning. These are also suitable traits for the beast.

What Font Is MrBeast Logo?

MrBeast’s wordmark is rendered in a sans-serif font. Most people notice the boldly written inscription as Obelix Pro font. However, it’s one of the closest typefaces developed by Valentin Antonov. Again, you can use Komika Axis font to achieve a similar personality. This comic-style font belongs to the Vigilante Typeface Corporation.

Who Is the Richest YouTuber In The World?

Jeffree Star is the world’s richest YouTuber. As of 2021, he’s worth $200 million. He earns directly from the channel and his cosmetic business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The wealthy blogger was born in Los Angeles on November 15, 1985. His real name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger.

Besides blogging, Jeffrey is an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a former musician. He is obsessed with beauty, fashion, and music. Currently, Jeffrey has 16.2 million subscribers, accumulating 2.5 billion views globally. Finally, he created his channel on February 14, 2006.

Who Is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson is the birth name of MrBeast. He’s an American entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an amazing YouTube star. On May 7, 1998, Jimmy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson in Kansas. While the mother is a housewife, the father is a successful entrepreneur.

Jimmy was given a Christian upbringing in North Carolina, United States. He graduated from Greenville Christian Academy in North Carolina. Later, Jeffrey gained admission to East Carolina University. But, sadly, he dropped out to focus on his blogging passion.  

MrBeast, the YouTube star, has a brother, CJ Donaldson. Like his brother, he’s a blogger and a celebrity social media influencer. In 2012, Jimmy began his vlogging career on YouTube. His content focuses on expensive attention-grabbing stunts.

After five years of posting his first video, he went viral with the content—Counting to 10,000 in One Sitting. This video attracted more views and ushered him into stardom. After this experience, he never looked back but produced longer and exciting content.

Then two years later, his consistency and work ethics paid off. In 2019, he won the Streamy Awards for Breakout Creator. Then, in 2020, he received the 12th Annual Shorty Awards for YouTuber of the Year. These awards aside, he has received several other recognitions.

Popularly known as MrBeast, Jimmy Donaldson is worth $8 million as of 2021.

Who Is MrBeast Girlfriend?

Several sources point to Maddy Spidell as his girlfriend. Maddy is an American social media influencer. On March 31, 2000, she was born in Wisconsin, United States. Her parents are Michael Spidell and Mary Spidell. She shares information about dance, dogs, and fashion.

These online entrepreneurs met via Twitter and started dating in June 2019. However, it seems the two lovebirds aren’t together anymore. Well, in the meantime, let’s give them some privacy.

How Did MrBeast Get Started?

The celebrated vlogging life of MrBeast began in February 2012. He posted his first content under the name—MrBeast6000. He was 13 years old. Originally, his content focused on playing Minecraft, earnings of YouTubers, tips to upcoming YouTubers, etc.

These were his humble beginnings as he tried to understand how the YouTube algorithm works. By the seventh month of 2013, his channel—That-Dude, had only attracted 240 subscribers. This reflects his initial challenges and slow start.

In 2015, MrBeast put on a new content spectacle—worst intros. In these video series, he made fun of YouTube introductions. Hence, he started gaining followers. So, by 2016, he had gained about 30,000 subscribers.

So, he bade farewell to his university education, embracing video blogging as a full-time career. After this heartbreaking decision, MrBeast uploaded his first longest video in January 2017. The forty-hour video featured him attempting to count from 1 to 100,000.

This incredible task went viral, winning several hearts. Also, it elevated him to stardom. Having found his unique style, he followed up with another content counting up to 200,000. By the end of 2017, his channel had over a million subscribers.

To entertain his followers and gain more views, he produced multiple weird stunts. For instance, he tried staying underwater for 24 hours. Also, he tried breaking a glass with hundred megaphones. But, regardless of what you think, his followers love his content.

With his staggering subscribers, brands started working with him. Quidd, a medium for buying and selling digital items, gave him his first deal. It was a sum of $10,000. Establishing his charitable intention, he donated this cash to a homeless person.

As expected, the video he made from this act of giving garnered more eyebrows. He further received more cash and donated several thousand. By 2018, he has donated $1,000,000 through this vlogging, earning him the title—YouTube’s biggest philanthropist.

Today, the famed blogger has multiple channels that focus on various interests. These include Beast Philanthropy (6.8 million subscribers), MrBeast Gaming (24.2 million subscribers), Beast Reacts (13.6 million subscribers), and MrBeast Shorts (10.9 million subscribers).

As a full-time blogger, MrBeast makes money via Adsense, sponsorship deals, merchandise, and virtual restaurants. Thanks to these earning sources, he ranks as one of the richest YouTubers.

My Final Thoughts On Mr. Beast Logo

Since YouTube started on February 14, 2005, it has affected lives. Excitedly, it covers almost every topic on the planet. And it has created several millionaires within a short time. For instance, Jeffrey Donaldson is one person who has achieved fame and wealth via the platform.

Jeffrey Donaldson, aka MrBeast, launched his first channel on February 20, 2012. He was thirteen years old when he uploaded his first content under the name—MrBeast6000. Then, believing in the potential of vlogging, he quit college to work full time.

Today, his decision has paid off, placing him among the top richest YouTubers in the world. His channels have reached 153 million subscribers. Also, they have gotten about 13.8 billion views. In addition, his channels have earned him several awards, including two Streamy Awards.