Most Famous Logos in the World

This is a look at some of the most famous logos in the world. When it comes to creating a logo and branding, these famous companies have no room for error. They need to make sure their logo appeals to millions of people and is recognizable, simple, and easy to remember at glance.

Even in today’s rapidly evolving market, logos continue to play a vital role in a company’s marketing and brand awareness efforts. While logos remain essential tools for businesses of all sizes, there are some companies that have managed to turn their logos into cultural icons recognizable all over the world. 

Needless to say, creating a logo that becomes as famous as the brand that it represents is certainly a valuable achievement for any company. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the companies that have achieved this feat and discuss the most famous logos in the world today.

Apple Logo

Arguably the most famous logo in the world today, the Apple logo is sure to come up in any discussion of logos that are recognizable all over the globe. 

Interestingly, there are multiple theories regarding the meaning of the Apple logo’s design. Some conspiracy theorists argue that the logo was designed to give credit to Satan by referencing man’s original sin in the Garden of Eden. However, the prevailing theory on the logo’s meaning is that the apple is meant to represent knowledge while the bite out of its side serves the dual purpose of making it clear that the fruit is an apple and not a cherry as well as acting as a play on words between “bite” and “byte”. 

Nike Logo

As simple as it might be, few logos today are more recognizable than the Nike swoosh. While a great logo is essential no matter what industry your business operates in, it is especially important for an apparel brand such as Nike that use their logo as the cornerstone for most all of their apparel designs. 

Fortunately for Nike, the Nike swoosh is one of the most commercially successful designs in the world today, recognizable all over the globe and able to effectively elevate the desirability of any shoe, shirt, shorts, or other piece of apparel that Nike puts it on.  

Amazon Logo

In just a couple decades time, Amazon has risen from a lowly online bookstore to the undisputed king of e-commerce. Along the way, the company’s easily recognizable logo has certainly helped fuel their unprecedented success. 

The Amazon logo feature’s the company’s name along with a curved arrow beneath the text that starts at the “A” and ends at the “z”. This arrow creates a smile in the design that is known today as the Amazon smile. It also points to the fact that Amazon carries everything from A to Z, highlighting the incredibly broad range of products on the site. 

FedEx Logo

At first glance, the FedEx logo may seem like a relatively simple and straightforward design. However, it is the FedEx logo’s creative use of negative space that makes the design one to remember. 

If you look closely at the negative space between the “E” and “x” in the logo, you’ll notice that it forms an arrow pointing forward. This forward pointing arrow is meant to illustrate FedEx’s forward progression as a company as well as highlight its delivery service. Today, in addition to being a logo that is recognized all over the world, the FedEx logo is also one of the most frequently discussed logos in designer circles thanks to its subtle yet brilliant use of negative space. 

McDonald’s Logo

With restaurants in 118 countries, McDonald’s has established itself as arguably the most famous restaurant in the world today – and a big part of McDonald’s popularity is the company’s famed golden arches logo. 

In the fast-food industry, restaurants use their logos almost like billboards in order to attract potential customers as they drive by. With that in mind, the McDonald’s logo – designed to look like the restaurant’s renowned golden-brown french fries – has certainly helped McDonald’s achieve the unparalleled level of success that they now enjoy. 

Coca-Cola Logo

Harkening back to days gone by with its flowing, cursive font, the Coca-Cola logo – like much of the company’s branding – is rooted in nostalgia. 

Of all the companies still in existence, few of them have done a more effective job of branding than Coca-Cola. It isn’t that difficult these days, after all, to make a great-tasting soda. What Coca-Cola has done, though, is create a brand that is recognizable all over the world and one that is deeply rooted in history, tradition, and nostalgia. With its old-fashioned yet immediately-recognizable design, the Coca-Cola logo plays into these elements perfectly and is one that blends well with the company’s overall marketing and branding strategy. 

Target Logo

It isn’t always possible to accurately and easily depict the name of a company using an image alone. Target, though, saw the opportunity to do so with their now-famous logo design and took full advantage.  

The Target logo is simple yet effective, depicting the name of the company with an image that has become inseparable from the brand’s identity. It’s a minimalist design that showcases the power of simplicity and one Target uses throughout their marketing efforts. 

Starbucks Logo

The Starbucks logo is an interesting design that is now forever associated with the world’s most popular coffee chain. However, not many Starbucks customers ever question the origins or meaning of the company’s unique logo design, which features a twin-tailed mermaid surrounded by a circular, green border. 

According to Greek mythology, sirens would lure sailors toward their doom with irresistible songs. Thus, the design of the Starbucks logo is meant to capture the company’s desire to lure in coffee lovers with their irresistible brew. 

Disney Logo

The Disney logo is a world-famous design that makes use of the flowing, bubbly font to create a whimsical and cartoon-like design – perfect for a company that deals primarily in whimsy and cartoons. 

To some degree, moviegoers always know what to expect when they attend a Disney production, and the company continues to use their recognizable logo as a way to brand and market all of the products that they produce. 

Twitter Logo

Over the years, the Twitter logo has evolved from a bird sitting on a branch to the now famous image of a bird’s blue silhouette in flight.

When designing the logo’s current version, Twitter reportedly wanted to create a more actionable design that would showcase the company’s forward progression. By designing a bird that is flying up and forward, they were able to accomplish this goal while at the same time developing a design that is now recognizable all over the globe.  

Rolex Logo

Wealth and prestige are great things for your logo to be associated with if you are a luxury brand, and few designs communicate these ideas better than the Rolex logo. 

Consisting of a golden crown above the company’s name in green font, the Rolex logo portrays riches and status with every aspect of its design, from the associations with royalty and prestige conveyed by the crown imagery to the color scheme that mimics the colors of gold bars and green cash. 

Like any apparel or accessory company, Rolex uses its logo as a key element of their product’s design. While the quality of Rolex watches and the materials that they use will always be their primary selling point, the Rolex brand itself – signified by the company’s famous logo – is a huge reason why a Rolex watch is a status symbol as much as it is a high-quality product. 

Subway Logo

A simple and straightforward design, the Subway logo nonetheless manages to portray key messages about the brand that helps make this logo an incredibly recognizable and effective design. 

The logo’s opposite-facing arrows formed out of the “S’ at the logo’s beginning and the “Y” at its end are meant to signify entry and exit, indicating that Subway is a place where you can get food on the go in a quick manner. Its bright green and yellow color scheme, meanwhile, conveys the idea that Subway’s food is healthy and fresh. 

Baskins Robbins 

The Baskins Robbins logo combines blue and pink colors and a playful font for a childlike design that is perfect for America’s favorite ice cream shop. Hidden within the logo’s design, though, is the number 31 – a nod to Baskin Robbin’s famous 31 flavors. 

The result is a clever, effective, and recognizable logo design that nicely targets Baskin Robbins’ ideal customers – children and those who are still children at heart. 

NBC Logo

The NBC logo is one that most people have seen countless times over their lives. However, if you’ve never stopped and really looked at the logo, you may have never noticed that the brightly-colored logo is meant to represent a forward-facing peacock. 

The six colors used in the logo design depict the company’s six divisions, while the peacock’s forward gaze depicts the company’s strategy of looking forward into the future. 

What it Takes to Design a World Famous Logo 

Not many companies become famous due to their logo alone, but there are countless examples of companies that have used their logo to help them achieve the level of fame and success that they now enjoy today. 

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