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Whether you’re a logo designer or a business looking to create a logo, you need to do your research and find logo design ideas for inspiration. Your logo design should be unique, creative, memorable, and versatile.

At LogoMyWay, we are proud to have helped countless business owners across the world create beautiful, professionally-designed logos for their companies. In order to demonstrate the type of quality that you are able to expect when you create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay, we thought that we would take the time to highlight a few of the amazing logo designs that have been created on our platform. Here is a great display of logo design ideas that might help you before designing a logo for your business.

Sports Logo Design Ideas

When the River Bandits collegiate summer baseball team needed a new logo for their team, they turned to LogoMyWay. The River Bandits requested a logo that was fun, exciting, and intriguing. Ultimately, they chose the logo below as the winner of their contest. The River Bandits logo features an aggressive design and color scheme, incorporates the game of baseball into the design, and features an eye-catching, stylized font. The end result is an excellent sports team logo that conveys all of the right messages about the team.

Bakery Logo Design Ideas

For its new logo, the Center Inn bakery wanted a design that communicated a sense of history and a sense of community. The logo design that they chose was able to communicate these important messages by incorporating elements such as the year that the bakery was established, the Ohio state flag, a classic cursive font, and a few heads of wheat. The end result is a classic and retro logo design that stays true to the bakery’s long and storied history in the state of Ohio.

Wildlife Logo Design Ideas

Top Pin Adrenaline is a company that is dedicated to wildlife harvest, management, and bowhunting information. When they created their logo design contest on LogoMyWay, they requested a design that was aggressive, realistic, and creative. The winning design of this contest was a beautiful logo that featured bow sights, a bull elk, and the name of the company in a bold, eye-catching font. It’s a logo design that conveys a sense of excitement and adventure, which is exactly the message that Top Pin Adrenaline wants to convey to their potential customers.

Industrial Logo Design Ideas

When Morrison Metals – a scrap metal recycling company – needed a high-quality logo, they decided to create a logo design contest on LogoMyWay. Morrison Metals wanted a bold and distinguished-looking logo that wasn’t overly fancy or frivolous. The winning design that they chose is an eye-catching logo that perfectly captures the core message of the company. This logo features a shiny metallic font that is both visually appealing as well as a representative of the company behind the logo. It also features a creative use of the company’s initials, putting them together in a simple but attractive design. Ultimately, this bold, shiny logo was the perfect choice for symbolizing Morrison Metals.

Security Logo Design Ideas

CyberSecurityJobs.net is a website that is designed to connecting cybersecurity professionals with companies and recruiters who are looking to hire them. When Cyber Security Jobs created its logo design contest on LogoMyWay, they requested a clear and simple design that would communicate the services offered by the website. The logo design that they ended up choosing accomplishes this goal by incorporating design elements such as a silhouette in a suit, a lock, and a Wi-Fi symbol in a clean and well-put-together design. The result is a simple yet modern looking logo that perfectly communicates the services offered by Cyber Security Jobs.

Auction Logo Design Ideas

Fatboy Auctions is a company that auctions off returned products both online and from their warehouse locations. When they created their logo design contest brief, they requested a design that featured the character of a “fatman” in a bowler hat along with a bulldog and a couple of bees – which are a nod to one of the company’s founders. The design that they chose is an attractive, cartoon logo design that incorporates everything that the company asked for in an appealing design that wasn’t overly complex. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this design also helps communicate what Fatboy Auctions provides to its customers.

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Mountain Logo Design Ideas

When Rowdy Bear Mountain developed a second attraction for their location – a suspended single rail roller coaster called “Mountain Glider” – they decided to develop a logo to go along with their newest attraction. Rowdy Bear Mountain wanted their attraction’s new logo to convey a sense of excitement and high-flying fun. They also wanted their new logo to communicate what the ride was. The logo design that they chose accomplished both of these purposes by showcasing a flying squirrel in mid-ride on the Mountain Glider. The mountains and trees in the background of the logo help convey the fact that the ride takes you high above the ground, while the flying squirrel’s outstretched arms communicate that the Mountain Glider is certainly a thrill to ride.

Helmet Logo Design Idea

The Broken Helmet is a website and podcast dedicated to covering the latest news in the National Football League. When they created their logo design contest, they requested a clean and simple design that was bold, modern, and fun. The logo design that they chose was an attractive design that used a broken helmet and a microphone to represent the name of the company as well as communicate what it is that they do.

Prairie Valley AirSpray Logo

Prarie Valley AirSpray – a company that applies protection products to crops via specialized airplanes – needed a logo that would set their company apart from competitors in the crop-dusting industry. They requested a somewhat aggressive logo that features bright primary colors. The design that they chose was a stunning logo design that captured the motion of a crop duster airplane flying over a field. This design features bright, eye-catching colors and an aggressive sense of motion that is juxtaposed against a peaceful background.

Apple Design Logo Ideas

Gray Apple Design – an interior design company specializing in home renovations and home décor – requested a fresh and simplistic black and white logo that featured clean lines and vintage illustrations – and the logo design that they chose perfectly captures the core essence of the company. By featuring a rough sketch of a home, Gray Apple Design’s logo is able to convey the design process in a clean and simplistic design. It’s a logo that feels very personalized and one that perfectly communicates the services that are offered by Gray Apple Design.

Dog Logo Design Ideas

My Dog Swag is a company that sells comfortable, stylish, and protective canine accessories such as elbow cuffs. They requested a logo design that was warm and friendly and one that would communicate their compassion for dogs. The winning design features eye-catching elements such as a cartoon heart and a dog wearing sunglasses, all wrapped around the company’s name and slogan. Through these design elements, this logo is able to convey the company’s love of dogs as well as convey the fact that any canine will look stylish wearing accessories from My Dog Swag.

Camper Logo Design Ideas

Kustom Kampers – a company that specializes in customizing VW campervans – wanted a fresh and exciting logo design that would convey a sense of adventure. The logo design that they chose for their company is one that features a campervan traveling across a coastal background. The black, white, and orange color scheme of the logo makes for a bold and attractive design, while the palm tree silhouettes in the background communicate the ideas of vacation and adventure. It’s an eye-catching and unique logo design and also one that sets the perfect mood for a company that is marketing to people who live for travel and adventure.

Dentist Logo Design Ideas

As a dental office that specialized in treating children under the age of 18, Garland Pediatric Dentistry needed a fun and exciting logo design that would cater to their young customers. They requested a fun and simple logo design that used vibrant colors and incorporated an elephant into the design. The winning designer of the design contest that Garland Pediatric Dentistry created on LogoMyWay took these instructions and turned in a stunning design that featured a silhouette of an elephant in the shape of a tooth – the perfect logo design for pediatric dentistry.

Iguana Logo Design Ideas

Iguana Move is a company that rents out convenient and eco-friendly plastic moving boxes to customers who need an easy way to pack up all of their belongings. Iguana Move requested a clean and modern looking logo that would help convey the services that they offered. The winning logo design is a beautifully simple design that features a green iguana carrying a box. The color green helps convey the fact that Iguana Move is an eco-friendly choice, while the design elements in the logo help convey what it is that the company offers.

Automobile Logo Design Ideas

Wagon – a company that rents out buses for sporting events, concerts, weddings, and other events – wanted a hip and fun logo that would capture the adventurous spirit of their company. The logo design that they chose is an attractive brightly-colored logo that features a bus full of passengers who are waving various items out of the windows. It’s a logo that conveys the idea that people have a great time when they rent a bus from Wagon – which is exactly the message that the company was going for.

Sumo Demolition

Sumo Demolition is a commercial demolition company that specializes in the internal demolition of hotels, offices, shopping centers, and other buildings. When they created their logo design contest, they requested a bold and aggressive logo that featured some form of destruction or demolition in-progress. The winning logo design is one that portrays a muscular sumo wrestler in the process of breaking through a wall. This design incorporates the name of the company, demonstrates the services that they offer, and conveys a sense of power and capability. It’s an excellent logo design for a demolition company and one that perfectly suits the company name.

Triple Tree Acres Logo Design

Triple Tree Acres is a family farm that produces and sells a wide range of all-natural products such as goat milk soaps and lotions, beef, and eggs. They wanted a logo that would communicate the farm’s family-owned roots as well as communicate the fact that their products are locally-grown and all-natural. The winning logo design for the Triple Tree Acres logo design contest is a beautifully elegant design that perfectly captures the peace and tranquility of the farm. It’s a pleasant logo to look at and one that conveys the exact message that Triple Tree Acres want to convey to its customers.

Cloud Marines Logo Design

Cloud Marines is an IT company that offers a wide range of cloud-based services. In order to set themselves apart from their competition, Cloud Marines wanted to create a fun and powerful brand image that would differentiate their company from its competitors. Of course, a great logo is an essential part of developing any brand image, and Cloud Marines needed a logo design that would convey a sense of fun and power. The design that they chose as the winner of their contest is an eye-catching design that features a tank bursting through the clouds along with the company name and slogan. This aggressive design perfectly encapsulates the brand identity that Cloud Marines was aiming for.

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