How To Make Your Own Logo

Top Five Characteristics to think about when creating your logo design using a logo maker.

From serving as a symbol that customers will come to associate with your brand to serve as a way to communicate important messages to your audience, the logo you create for your business plays many essential roles. With that in mind, it is crucial to create a logo that is designed to be as effective as possible. Whether you are creating your own logo using a logo maker or working with a designer, here are the top five characteristics that you will want to keep in mind when creating your logo design.

Make your logo simple

When making your own logo design using a logo maker, the temptation to go overboard with complex design elements, colors, and fonts is one that is better off avoided. While it’s understandable to try and create a logo that is entirely unique and unlike any other logo on the market, complexity typically isn’t the best solution to this problem. Instead, you’ll be much better served by creating a logo design that is straightforward and simple while still being interesting and unique.

Logos are not works of art that viewers will spend minutes analyzing and appreciating. Instead, they are a design that is rarely given more than a second glance by most customers. This means that a great logo needs to be simple and straightforward enough to communicate the desired message in an instant. If your logo is overly complicated, the messages you are trying to convey will likely be lost within the complexity of the design.

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In many cases, complex logo designs can also end up looking messy and jumbled. The last thing you want your logo to be is a confusing eyesore, and – if your design is overly complex – you run the risk of this being the outcome.

Think of some of the best and most recognizable logos out there, such as the Apple logo, the Amazon logo, the FedEx logo, and numerous others. The one thing that all of these great logos have in common is the fact that they are relatively simple in their design. If you would like to create a logo that has the same effectiveness and recognizability as these logos, you will do well to follow their example.

Make your logo scalable

A logo needs to be a versatile design that looks great when used in a wide range of applications. For example, the same logo design that you display as a thumbnail on your website may also end up being the logo design you need to display on a massive billboard. The problem is that many designs that look great on a small scale often don’t end up looking so attractive when they are scaled up to a much larger size.

When you start using a logo maker, you’ll want to keep in mind the many different ways in which you might end up using that design. From your product’s labeling to online advertisements to in-store signs, there really is no limit to the number of places that your logo might appear. With that being the case, it’s up to you and the designer that you are working with to create a logo design that will look amazing no matter how it is displayed.

Make your Logo meaningful

Your logo is much more than a symbol that is associated with your brand – it’s also an opportunity to communicate important messages to your audience. When you consider all of the places that your logo will appear, it becomes apparent that customers and potential customers will see your brand’s logo more than they see any other design or piece of content that your company produces. It’s vital, therefore, to create a logo design that will subtly market your brand each time it is viewed.

Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to go about creating a logo that is able to communicate key messages about the core values of your company, the products and services that you provide, and more. The first and most obvious way to turn your logo design into a marketing tool is to make use of the text in the logo. In addition to your company’s name, you may want to include a tagline text that conveys an important message about your brand.

The color scheme that you choose is another effective way to communicate to your audience via your logo. If you’ve ever researched color theory, then you know that specific colors are able to express specific ideas and emotions. The color red, for example, is able to communicate anger, passion, or romance, depending on the context of the design. Green, meanwhile, is a color that communicates themes such as being all-natural or outdoorsy. Colors can also be used in combination to convey specific ideas. Black and yellow in combination, for example, is seen as a warning and is often used in traffic signs. Purple and gold, meanwhile, is a color combination that communicates ideas of royalty or status. As you create your logo design, be sure to keep in mind the messages that you are conveying through the colors that you choose.

Color and text aren’t the only elements of your logo design that can be used to communicate messages about your brand, though. In fact, every element of your logo’s design – from the font you choose the images you create – will convey information about your brand. A frilly and complex font, for example, conveys an entirely different message from a bold and straightforward font. The images you use in your design can of course convey an unlimited number of messages just by themselves. With all of that said, keeping in mind what you are saying to your audience through your logo design is one of the most important considerations to take into account during the logo design process.

Make your logo memorable

Of all the purposes that a logo serves, raising brand awareness is among the most important. With that in mind, one of the most beneficial things that a logo can be is memorable. After all, if your logo design isn’t recognizable enough to stick in the memory of someone viewing it, then customers won’t ever come to associate your logo with your brand.

Consider, for example, the many ways that Apple uses their logo. The Apple logo is used to direct people into Apple stores, brand their products so that people will recognize when someone is using an Apple device, brand their ads so that people will realize what is being advertised, and more. All of these functions that the Apple logo serves, though, wouldn’t be possible if the Apple logo was not a memorable symbol that customers have come to associate with the Apple brand. If you want to use your logo as effectively as Apple and other companies like them have, you need to create a logo that is immediately recognizable and memorable.

Of course, this step is often easier said than done. In fact, creating a recognizable and memorable logo is one of the more difficult challenges in the logo design process. The good news, though, is that there are several ways to make your logo memorable. Your logo may be memorable for the witty text it includes, for the attractiveness of its design, for its sheer simplicity, or anything in-between. However you go about it, though, you need to make your logo design recognizable and memorable above all else.

Make your logo timeless

It’s acceptable to change or even completely redo your logo over time. In fact, many companies do so on a regular basis. Each time you redesign your logo, though, you are restarting the process of growing the recognizability of your logo and its association with your brand. With this being the case, timelessness is a valuable characteristic for a logo to have.

Avoid the temptation to be overly trendy when you are creating your logo design. Trends, after all, tend to change on a very regular basis. What’s clever and funny today may be dated and unrecognizable tomorrow.

A great logo design shouldn’t need to rely on trends and “flavor of the week” humor to make its point. If you can design a simple and attractive logo that isn’t tied to a specific era in time, then you will have a logo that you and your company can continue to use for many years to come.


There are a number of important considerations that you will want to take into account when using a logo maker for your brand if you want that logo to serve as an effective and versatile marketing tool. If you are able to create a simple and timeless logo design that is also scalable, meaningful, and memorable, though, you should be well on your way to developing a design that will bring plenty of value to your brand.