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10 Non-Profit Logos from LogoMyWay

Non-profits have the main goal of raising funds or awareness for a societal or environmental issue in society. Some are even dedicated solely to research. Despite the main focus not being to make a profit, having a presentable logo is just as if not more important than that of other companies as a way to ensure the donation dollars continue to roll in. Today, we are going to feature ten non-profits that have entrusted their logos to LogoMyWay contests. Let us know in the comments below which logo out of the ten is your favorite.

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15 Cool Home and Garden Logos from LogoMyWay

Home and garden businesses rake in a good amount of revenue each year helping home owners with gardening, house cleaning, and many others. However, for these businesses to get business, they must have a presentable public image, done through their company logo. While many of these businesses may not be able to do this alone, many will go to logo businesses like LogoMyWay to receive quality logos. Below, we have a fifteen logos from LogoMyWay that show off what we offer in the home and garden field.

The Saint Handyman LTD

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Wendy’s Newest Logo: Subliminal Message?

A logo is the best way for companies to gain notoriety and even to promote customer retention. Customers and users are more likely to remember your company and purchase more from it if they remember your logo. When a logo is seen by thousands or even millions of individuals, it can even be a vehicle for a certain intent. This is what many individuals are saying with the latest Wendy’s logo.

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10 Automotive Logos From LogoMyWay

The automotive industry is multifaceted, including car manufacturers, repair, and upkeep companies who’s main goal is to ensure that your car is always in tip-top shape. This means that it is important to have a strong enough logo out there that sets you company apart from the rest. Many automotive companies come to LogoMyWay to hold contests for their company’s latest logo. Today, we will feature ten automotive logos that have gone through contests on our website. Let us know in the comments below which logo is your favorite.

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15 Cool Restaurant Logos At LogoMyWay

Restaurant logos are important for the representation of their business. Many times, logos can be what brings in customers or detracts them. A lot can be told and a lot more is used when interpreting from a logo if the restaurant offers what they like. This draws many restaurant owners to want to add everything about their business and what they offer into their logo. However, as we can see with fifteen logos below, a lot can be interpreted by pictures rather than words.

Loft Cafe

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Car Company Logo Rip-Offs

China is known for a lot of things. It’s begun to produce its own products, but for the longest time the country was a hub for knock-offs and rip-offs. Products are designed to ape those in the west down to the very smallest elements. We’re not just talking simple shapes of phones or so on – we’re also talking about the logos.

One of the biggest boon areas was car manufacturing. In China, a number of different companies have been set up which essentially copy popular western car designs and mass produce them for the Chinese market.

That doesn’t just mean the shape of the chassis and the engine specifications. That also means the badge that adorns its hood.

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If Logos Were Honest

A lot of logo designers try to downplay what they do. They say they’re only graphics men, huddled over Photoshop producing pretty pictures. What they neglect to point out is the whole other aspect of their job which is much more important.

They’re ideas men. They’re marketers. They manage to transform what can be a dull, or specialised, or tainted brand, and make it interesting, general and engaging for a widespread audience.

That means that they sometimes take liberties with the truth. Remember, you’re out there to promote your client’s brand in the best way possible by giving them an engaging logo – not to tell the truth.

But if you did tell the truth, this is what you might end up creating.

(All credit to these logos goes to Viktor Hertz)

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What makes a good logo?

The first day in design college, someone is bound to ask this question. It’s a difficult one to answer, because of course design is subjective. No-one will have the same opinions as their neighbour: what one person thinks is great, another person will think is garbage.

But that’s the skill of good logo designers. They can ameliorate all those views, blending differing opinions until they hit upon a design that is acceptable to all people’s viewpoints.

There are some key principles that people might want to follow to try and get a logo design for a client that appeals to the broadest possible audience. It’s firstly important to note, though, that you’re not going to appeal to everyone. What you’re looking for isn’t something that’s going to please everybody – you’re looking for something that offends the least.

Make it simple

Complicated and clever logo designs can sometimes be self-defeating. If people don’t know what the logo represents, then it’s pointless. Make it simple, so people can understand it.

It needs to stick in the mind

Memorability is something all important. This might go against the previous point, but it’s true. You need to walk the fine line between being memorable and being simple enough to comprehend.

Don’t follow what’s in vogue

A logo is an important part of a company’s branding. Think of it like a suit: it needs to last forever. People who get funny, stylish cuts of clothing will find that in ten years time they look stupid. So it’s the same with a logo. Build it to last, not to capture the moment.


Remember that you’re not just designing a logo for a website. There are countless different uses for logos. They might be printed; they might be put on products. It needs to be versatile.

Make it match the brand

Don’t try and shoehorn your prefered style of design into a company that it won’t fit. If you do pared back, corporate designs, it might not be best to design a logo for a creche.

Follow these five examples and you’ll produce a great product for clients.

Hipsterfying Brands

One of the main tenets of being a quality logo designer is being able to address your audience. For a gumbo or big game contest in Louisiana, there is likely to be a particular style that the client wants to portray. This will be a mile away from something which would be found in the East Village in New York, for example.

We’re in the age of the hipster, and design needs to represent that. Of course, designing a logo for a monster truck company will be unlikely to call on your skills to hipsterfy a logo, there are other mainstream places which are becoming so cool because of the hipster’s ironic love of them.

Hipsterfying a logo can tease out what’s most important or iconic about a design, which can be a useful tool for designers. It strips it back to the bare bones and looks at what it is what proves to be the attention-grabber.

Often retro and always in monochrome, taking a hipster slant on logo design is sure to be useful in tweaking your logo design skills. Why not try your own hipster take (pared back, simplified design) on some of the world’s most iconic brands, like these ones here? These logos come from the impressive Tumblr Hipster Branding.

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