History of the Google Logo Back In The Olden Days

Google’s logo has changed very little over the years, but the History Of The Google Logo has changed to celebrate holidays and recognize various events.

Google launched in 1998, but LogoMyWay has wondered just what the company’s logo would have looked like in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s had they been around. Which special occasions and events would Google have celebrated by updating their logo?

LogoMyWay’s top designers were given the task of creating what they imagined the Google logo would have looked like through History. What they came up with is brilliant and creative. Enjoy!

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1951 Color TV Introduced
This logo shows a shows the silhouette of a couple enjoying their brand new color television.

1951 Color TV Introduced Logo1952 Car Seat Belt Introduced
This designer found a creative way to use the letters to depict the introduction of seatbelts into cars.

1952 Car Seat Belt Introduced
1953 Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a Bus
If Google had been around in 1953, they may have depicted the iconic day in this clever way.

1953 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat Logo1953 First Playboy Magazine
In this design, the Playboy font was used in lieu of Google’s usual font, which is appropriate for commemorating the introduction of the magazine.

1953 First Playboy Magazine

1954 Report Says Cigarettes Cause Cancer
This logo sends the strong message about tobacco that was news to many in the 50s.

1954 cigarettes cause cancer logo1960 The Birth Control Pill is Approved by the FDA (with FDA logo)
This take on the FDA’s approval of the Pill shows a month’s worth of a drug with the “FDA approved” stamp in the middle.

1960 Birth Control Pill Is Approved Logo
1960 The Birth Control Pill is Approved by the FDA (with pills as the ‘o’s)
The second take on this event uses the ‘O’s in Google as birth control pills themselves.
1960 Birth Control Pill Is Approved Logo

1969 First Man on the Moon
The iconic quote, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” is perfectly depicted with this logo. This Google logo would have gone down in History.

1969 History Google Logo first man on the Moon

1963 Great Train Robbery in England
This logo provides a sleek representation of the Great Train Robbery in England

1963 Great Train Robbery In England Logo1978 First Test-Tube Baby Born
1978 was a big year with the first successful test-tube baby born. As the logo shows, it was a girl! 1978 First Test-Tube Baby Born1962 Famous Escape from Alcatraz
In this Google logo, the letters are used to show the walls of Alcatraz being chipped away by knives.

1962 Escape from Alcatraz Google Logo

1973 U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam
The U.S. pulling out of Vietnam was quite the event, and this logo shows the scene of the helicopters fleeing the jungle.
1973 U.S pulls out of Vietnam Logo
1989 Berlin Wall Falls
The Berlin wall falling is a major historical event, and this logo depicts the day well.

1979 Sony Introduces the Walkman
This logo is especially clever in including the year of the Walkman in the word!

1979 Sony Introduces the Walman Logo
1995 First Successful Air-Balloon Ride Over the Pacific Ocean
The Spirit of Freedom hot air balloon is shown gliding over the Pacific Ocean in this logo.

1995 First Successful Air-Balloon Ride Over the Pacific Ocean Logo

1955 Disneyland Opens (in black and white)
Mickey and Minnie are dancing the night away in this logo dedicated to the opening of Disney Land.

1955 Disneyland Opens Logo

1987 DNA First Used in a Criminal Defense
A strand of DNA and a pair of handcuffs are cleverly used to represent the first time DNA was used in a criminal defense.

1987 DNA first used in a criminal defense Logo

1982 E.T. Movie Released
E.T. flies through the air on his way back home in this logo.

1982 E.T Movie Released Logo

1977 Scientists Clone Sheep (with ‘G’ microscope)
Two sheep heads and a microscope are used in this logo to commemorate the first successful cloning of sheep.

1977 Scientist Clone Sheep Logo

1977 Scientists Clone Sheep (with chalkboard)
This second rendition of the logo includes a chalkboard and a test tube.

1977 Clone Sheep Google Logo

1955 Disneyland Opens (in color)
This colorful logo puts Google right at home with Mickey and all of his friends.

1955 Disneyland Opens Logo

1965 New York City Great Blackout
This logo is appropriately gray scale to depict the great blackout of New York City.

1965 New York City Blackout Logo

1977 Star Wars Movie Released
All of the Star Wars characters make up this logo that is simply out of this world.

1977 Star Wars Movie Released Logo

1985 Back to the Future Opens
This is my favorite Google logo from the 1980’s. The Flux Capacitor is the star of the show in this logo design.

1985 Back to the future Logo Design Back In History1986 Halley’s Comet Passes By
This logo depicts Halley’s comet flying through the solar system.

1986 Halleys Comet Passes By Logo1990 Nelson Mandela Freed
In 1990, Nelson Mandela was freed, and this logo shows his liberation while bringing new meaning to “free as a bird”.

1990 Nelson Mandela Freed Logo