Top Gifts for Videographers

The school year is about to begin for many high school and college students in about a month or so. For many students, videography and photography are just a few electives that they might partake in. While some schools provide photography equipment for their students, other schools and most colleges usually don’t. Below, we have listed the top five gifts for videographers going into this year’s school season.

Sony NEX-VG10

This is the video camera that brings DSLRs to videography. The interchangeable lens, a common feature on compact mirror-less system cameras, is also a feature on Sony NEX-VG10. For this reason, this camera is considered a game changer. This is a good substitute to purchasing a DSLR solely for the video component. The reason this camera made our list is because the DSLR component gives you full control over your shot, externally on the camera. This is something that isn’t always achieved with a camcorder. You can change the focus, zoom and other features straight from the lens. The camera also includes a free copy of Sony Vegas HD Platinum, so you can go straight into editing.

Final Cut Pro

The latest, Final Cut Pro X, has received mixed views. Some have said that it’s a great upgrade, while others have said that it’s mainly just iMovie on steroids. What ever your opinion is, the Final Cut collection as a whole has been the choice video editor for professionals and prosumers alike. If the Final Cut Pro collection is too advanced for you, Final Cut Express seems to be a viable alternative.

Olympus Pen E-PL1

This camera is a like a mini DSLR and camcorder in one device. The Olympus Pen collection is apart of the mirror-less camera system category of cameras. These are, in other words, your compact DSLRs with interchangeable lenses. The Olympus models have been considered better quality compared to other compact models like the Sony models. That is why we included the Olympus Pen E-PL1 as a top gift for videographers. You get a fully manual digital camera with an HD video camera all rolled into one small device – a must have!

Rode VideoMic

The Rode VideoMic is a must have for any videographer. The device has an internal shock mount; in return this automatically cuts down on the size of the equipment. In addition, this mic is ideal even for windy conditions with its windscreen. Even with it’s internal shock mount, the mic is still hefty and can add some weight to the camera itself. However, the voice quality on this is superb and worth the added weight.

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