Top Cameras for Every Budget

Photography is a hobby for me. As I grew in my hobby, my camera has always followed. It has seemed that as I grew in my hobby, I felt more willing to spend more. However, there are some individual who don’t always have the same budget as others. This means that what may be considered inexpensive for one person may not be within the budget of others. We compiled a list of some of the best cameras out there and picked the best out there for every budget.

The Easy Shooter: $100 – $200

Canon Powershot A3300 IS – The Canon Powershot A3300 IS was released in 2011. The A3300 was added to the product line, along with other cameras, as a push for Canon to provide more affordable cameras with great features for the price point. Some of the features include HD video recording, decent zoom and megapixels. That’s the reason we like this camera. For less than $200 (even less than $150 with some retailers), you get features that a couple of years ago would cost nearly double this price.

The Pro-Amateur Shooter: $300 – $500

Canon Powershot S95 – If there were a perfect point and shoot, then we would also be in a fairytale. However, the Canon Powershot S95 is near perfect. There are many individuals who have dubbed this the best point and shoot on the market today. This camera is a much-needed upgrade from the previous S90. The camera also includes great features including full manual focus and superb HD video. The photos look beautiful and are on par with more advanced shooting cameras. Just be prepared to have to keep the charger handy!

The Budget-Pro Shooter: $700 – $900

Canon EOS 60D – For the price point, the Canon EOD 60D is at the price point of under $800, the entry DSLR price for most cameras. The features however are amazing and seem to cultivate into a special device that picks up and fixes the faults of other cameras. The 60D is also a popular choice for many videographers who want amazing video quality. However, a couple of things we found interesting about the camera was that you may find yourself sometimes in awkward hand positions, the form factor isn’t perfect with the Canon EOS 60D.

The Splurge Shooter: $1000 and

Nikon D90 – No matter what your view of Nikon is, this camera is considered one of the best Nikon DSLRs on the market at the moment. This is the type of camera you’ll find yourself using solely for photography. The video quality could have been better. However, the feature is there and this camera focuses on the photography aspect. All in all, if you find yourself not taking video, this camera is something you should jump on. Other wise, if you are looking to video record on a DSLR, look somewhere else!

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