Top 10 Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever

In this era when everybody and their mother know how to use Photoshop, it’s hard to take ghost photos seriously. One can easily produce a ghostly image using different techniques in photo editing software so the formerly creepy feel when you’re looking at a ghost photo is now replaced with a general “That is so fake!” reaction.

However, old ghost photos still carry that creepiness factor even if most of them are obviously staged. If you want to stage your own ghost photos for fun, take a cue from these famous photos of apparitions, some of which have been proven to be staged or tampered with.

The Brown Lady

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall in Norfolk was photographed by Captain Provand and and Indra Shira in 1936 for Country Life magazine. Little did they know that they would be capturing one of the most famous ghost photos of all time. This photo is allegedly that of the Brown Lady, a ghostly figure that has been said to be haunting Raynham Hall since the early 1800s.

Lord Combermere

Lord Combermere and His Favorite Chair

Lord Combermere, Governor of Barbados in the 1800s, died after being struck by a horse-drawn carriage. During his funeral in 1891, a long exposure photo was taken in the library of the Combermere Abbey which was about 4 miles away from the funeral. This photo seemingly captured the visage of Lord Combermere himself sitting on his favorite chair. As it was a long exposure shot, someone living could have sat on the chair and left the transparent image, but members of the household insisted that everyone in the abbey attended the funeral that day.

The Coventry Spectre

The Gatecrashing Coventry Spectre

In this photo taken on January 22, 1985, members of the Coventry Freeman organization had their heads bowed in prayer. Apparently, there is a gatecrasher in this dinner party as guests don’t remember seeing that cowled figure in the upper left of the photo during the gathering.

The Decebal Hotel Ghost

The Decebal Hotel Ghost vs. Treasure Hunters

It is rumored that ancient Roman treasure is hidden somewhere in the Decebal Hotel in Romania. It is also rumored that a ghost haunts the spa and she is there to protect the lost the hidden treasure from treasure hunters. This photo was taken in 2008 and it is the first photographic clue that there might just be a tall woman in long white garb protecting ancient Roman treasure in the spa.

Tulip Staircase

Strange Happenings in the Tulip Staircase

There have been many stories about ghostly activities in the Tulip Staircase located in the Queen’s House area of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. These stories range from phantom footsteps to ghostly figures mopping blood off the floor. This photo enhances those stories as it shows a shrouded figure climbing the stairs.

Back Seat Ghost

Driving Miss Ghost

One of the scariest things to do when you’re on the wheel of a car is looking at the back seat. You’ll never know what you’ll find in there. You’ve probably heard about the serial killer hiding in the back seat but that urban legend has got nothing on Mabel Chinnery’s mother. She appears to be in the back seat in this photograph with her son-in-law, Mabel’s husband, in the front. The problem is this photo was allegedly taken near the grave site of Mabel’s mom.

The White Lady

The White Lady of Worstead Church

Diane Berthelot is pictured here praying at Worstead Church in Norfolk. Behind her is a figure in white clothing and a bonnet. This figure is apparently the White Lady of Worstead Church that has supposedly been appearing in the area for more than 100 years now. It is said that the White Lady appears when someone is in need of healing, which maked sense for Diane since she was ill when this photo was taken.

The Watcher

The Watcher

The figure in this photo looks like a woman in a long dress holding a camera or a pair of binoculars. Some people dismiss it as double exposure and it is just an image of a woman watching something from afar or simply taking photos of the scenery at Corroboree Rock in Alice Springs, Australia. Whoever or whatever this figure is, its transparent nature makes it a haunting visual.

Watertown Ghosts

The Ghosts of the SS Watertown

Michael Meehan and James Courtney were crew members of the SS Watertown in 1924. They died during an accident involving gas fumes. They were buried at sea but that was not the last time the rest of the crew would feel their presence. The day after their burial at sea, crew members started seeing their faces in the water on the port side of the ship. Those faces were captured in this photo, but not really. After decades of mystery, the spooky faces at seas were revealed to be nothing more than a hoax.

The Wem Ghost

The Wem Ghost and the Burning Building

This image of a burning building which features an eerie image of a girl figure has haunted many throughout the years. Legend says she is the ghost of one Jane Churm, a girl from 1677 who set fire to several houses because she was careless with a candle. This legend and this image together freak out a lot of people, but unfortunately, it’s not as eerie as it looks. The girl figure in the photo seems to have been lifted from a photo of Wem in 1922. Busted.

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