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10 Non-Profit Logos from LogoMyWay

Non-profits have the main goal of raising funds or awareness for a societal or environmental issue in society. Some are even dedicated solely to research. Despite the main focus not being to make a profit, having a presentable logo is just as if not more important than that of other companies as a way to ensure the donation dollars continue to roll in. Today, we are going to feature ten non-profits that have entrusted their logos to LogoMyWay contests. Let us know in the comments below which logo out of the ten is your favorite.

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15 Cool Home and Garden Logos from LogoMyWay

Home and garden businesses rake in a good amount of revenue each year helping home owners with gardening, house cleaning, and many others. However, for these businesses to get business, they must have a presentable public image, done through their company logo. While many of these businesses may not be able to do this alone, many will go to logo businesses like LogoMyWay to receive quality logos. Below, we have a fifteen logos from LogoMyWay that show off what we offer in the home and garden field.

The Saint Handyman LTD

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10 Automotive Logos From LogoMyWay

The automotive industry is multifaceted, including car manufacturers, repair, and upkeep companies who’s main goal is to ensure that your car is always in tip-top shape. This means that it is important to have a strong enough logo out there that sets you company apart from the rest. Many automotive companies come to LogoMyWay to hold contests for their company’s latest logo. Today, we will feature ten automotive logos that have gone through contests on our website. Let us know in the comments below which logo is your favorite.

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15 Cool Restaurant Logos At LogoMyWay

Restaurant logos are important for the representation of their business. Many times, logos can be what brings in customers or detracts them. A lot can be told and a lot more is used when interpreting from a logo if the restaurant offers what they like. This draws many restaurant owners to want to add everything about their business and what they offer into their logo. However, as we can see with fifteen logos below, a lot can be interpreted by pictures rather than words.

Loft Cafe

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The New LogoMyWay Blog

We’re very excited to announce the New LogoMyWay Blog.
This blog will discuss Logos, Tutorials, Photography, Business, Life and anything else we think might be entertaining to our readers. This blog will be a new way for all of us to express our creativity and share new ideas as a community.

We would also like to invite Guest Bloggers to contribute to the blog.
Guest Blogging will allow you to write about something you think is interesting or entertaining.

We are accepting blog posts in these categories.
1. Logo Designs and Branding
2. Design Tutorials (Video or Screenshots)
3. Creative Photography
4. Funny Logos and photography
5. Online Resources for Designing

Why Become a Guest Blogger?
1. Blog posts are sent out to 14,000 members.
2. LogoMyWay receives over 30,000 page views daily
3. All posts are submitted to our FB fan page and Twitter.
4. LogoMyWay is very respected and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, Business First, AOL, Huntington Post and more.
5. You will get full credit for the post with a bio and your website that will be linked at the bottom of every post you make.
6. We use WordPress so you can easily manage your posts.

If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger please sign up here.

Once you create your account we will upgrade your account to “Contributor” so you can begin blogging. We will also need you to contact us letting us know you have created an account along with some examples of your work.