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10 Accounting Logos from Logomyway

In the accounting field, it’s important to have logos that will attract customers while still conveying your professional nature of your business. This is a balance that means including design trends and modernity while still ensuring that the logo doesn’t come across as too

10 Education Logos from Logomyway

Education websites and startups are a very lucrative and popular business to get into. From children needing a bit of help with classwork to individuals who are a bit older in need of college or post-college help. However, for individuals to know more about

10 Media Logos from Logomyway

A unique situation is presented when a media company needs to work on their marketing and outreach technique. The job of most media companies is to do such a task for their clients, however when the same is asked of them for their own

10 Travel and Hospitality Logos from LogoMyWay

The travel and hospitality industry is quite profitable and one that has the tough job of not only ensuring that their consumers have an enjoyable vacation experience, but also that they are willing to come back. The logo of such businesses is how consumers

15 Retail Logos from LogoMyWay

A retail logo is more important than that of any other type of company. Not only is a retail logo a good marketing tool, a retail logo creates an imprint in a consumers mind that this is the go-to retail option and they should

10 Medical & Dental Logos from LogoMyWay

The medical and dental industry may not be the first industry you’d think would focus largely on logos. However, that is not the case. The industry is so varied and diverse, that there are many private companies out there in the medical and dental

10 Non-Profit Logos from LogoMyWay

Non-profits have the main goal of raising funds or awareness for a societal or environmental issue in society. Some are even dedicated solely to research. Despite the main focus not being to make a profit, having a presentable logo is just as if not

15 Cool Home and Garden Logos from LogoMyWay

Home and garden businesses rake in a good amount of revenue each year helping home owners with gardening, house cleaning, and many others. However, for these businesses to get business, they must have a presentable public image, done through their company logo. While many

10 Automotive Logos From LogoMyWay

The automotive industry is multifaceted, including car manufacturers, repair, and upkeep companies who’s main goal is to ensure that your car is always in tip-top shape. This means that it is important to have a strong enough logo out there that sets you company