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15 Stunning Summer Photography

Summer is a time when individuals are out of class and families are taking time off work to go on vacation and enjoy summer holidays like Father’s Day and Fourth of July. However, some of these summer activities seem to be best conveyed in photography. It is a photographer’s dream come true in some cases. The sun offers great lighting, the weather warrants more outdoor photography, and the beach can give the photographer a ton of subjects to shoot. Below, we have fifteen summer photos that we like from around the web. Let us know which one of the fifteen is by far your favorite.

White Sand

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Get doodling and create your own scrapbook style notepad

With all the awesome free custom doodle brushes and brush sets available on the web today there is lots of fun to be had in creating your own note pad doodles and scrapbook art. In this tutorial I have used a brush set from deviant art www.deviantart.com (a great Photoshop brushes resource site) and a stock image from Stock xchng www.sxc.hu

What we once all did whilst sat bored in the classroom has become a massive art form all over the globe and it has become highly recognised and respected as a form of design.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a cool scrapbook/doodle style notepad image that you then can use to add your own custom handwriting or text too for whatever purpose you need or want. Maybe for an art project, to display your poetry or just for fun!

1. Open your notepad image in Photoshop to get started.

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