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15 Stunning Shrub and Garden Designs

The temperatures are increasing and the amount of free time for many individuals are increasing as well this time of year. Without snow covering up the garden and shrubs of homes, many feel that this is the perfect time to perfect their gardens and

5 Mistakes in Your Logo Design

The logo of a company or event is very important to set the entity apart. Also, in many cases, it can define the business as a household name. However, this doesn’t occur if the logo designer commits any of these five fatal mistakes in

8 Ways and Examples of the Flat Design Trend

Design, like any other type of art form, experiences trends that can shape an industry. One thing that is different with design, and mobile design more specifically, is that the trend is something that users experience every hour of every day. It is found

14 Resume Designs We Are In Love With

The design of your resume is usually an aspect that falls by the waste side. The relationship between design and a resume usually stops at ensuring the resume was readable and organized. Anything past that was seen as a waste of time. However, now

How Pinterest Inspires Great Design

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, the social network allows individuals to create sections on their page known as “Boards”. In your Board, you are able to “pin” photos that are related to the theme of your board. From there, you can make Pinterest

How To Do A Design Patent

Patenting a design is a bit different from that of other forms that you are attempting to patent. Unlike an invention, which has many complex aspect that can each offer their own patent, a design is considered a form of free expression in some

5 Ways to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Working in a creative industry like logo design can be a tough ask for any person, man or woman to do. Clients are always looking to you to provide them with interesting, novel solutions to their problems. You’re required to constantly be coming up

How Famous Logos Have Changed

Time is a wondrous thing. You grow older by the day, and your apperance changes slightly. You get a bag under the eyes here, a wrinkle there. You become older and wiser. The same thing happens to logos. Invariably they never stay the same