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I Had No Idea These Amazing Things Exists Underground. Just Wait Until You See Them. WOW!

You can find inspiration for designing in many different things all over the world. Here are some images of different things that are absolutely beautiful, amazing and Inspirational.

Johnathan built the indoor-outdoor theater in a leased warehouse at East Sunset Road and South Eastern Avenue for his automobile collection. It was ready for use in November after 18 months of construction.

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15 Stunning Shrub and Garden Designs

The temperatures are increasing and the amount of free time for many individuals are increasing as well this time of year. Without snow covering up the garden and shrubs of homes, many feel that this is the perfect time to perfect their gardens and put them in tip-top shape for the season. If you are hoping to improve your garden’s appearance but not sure how to start, today we have some inspiration for you. Here are 15 amazing shrub and garden designs from around the world.

Shrub Hideaway

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8 Ways and Examples of the Flat Design Trend

Design, like any other type of art form, experiences trends that can shape an industry. One thing that is different with design, and mobile design more specifically, is that the trend is something that users experience every hour of every day. It is found in the gadgets that they use, and some even depend on. The trend that we are experiencing currently is the flat design trend.

It gained recognition this fall with the release of iOS7, however it has been around a bit longer than that. Today, we will mention how the trend has been incorporated into design through examples and design techniques.

Flat and Minimal: Hand-in-Hand

The flat trend was born out of the minimalist trend. Flat designs are usually not cluttered. This is due to the fact that the user’s idea of clutter in design is dealing more with 3D, not the 2D of flat design. Because of this, flat design and minimalism seems to go hand and hand. This is the case with the example we have below of the minimalist weather application. It offers minimalism through a simple weather forecast along with a flat and simple design.

Example: Haze for iOS


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14 Resume Designs We Are In Love With

The design of your resume is usually an aspect that falls by the waste side. The relationship between design and a resume usually stops at ensuring the resume was readable and organized. Anything past that was seen as a waste of time. However, now that many are having a difficult time finding a job, making oneself distinct from the rest seems to be the way to go. With the resume being the first thing a potential employer sees, this distinction is being found there more than anywhere else Here are fifteen spectacular resume designs we love.

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How To Do A Design Patent

Patenting a design is a bit different from that of other forms that you are attempting to patent. Unlike an invention, which has many complex aspect that can each offer their own patent, a design is considered a form of free expression in some cases. For this reason, one aspect that makes a design patent unique is that there isn’t a formal form to outline the specifications of your drawing. However, aside from your design patent’s specifications, a design patent does have a formal application form that it comes with. Today, we will talk more about how to go about doing one.

Where All Patents Begin

All patents begin with a preliminary period. This lasts for about a year and this is the time in which you are able to truly figure out if a patent is what you’ll need or even be possible to go through with. These are also called provisional patents, and the process to file a provisional patent can easily be found online. To make the preliminary period worth while, there are a couple of things you can do.

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5 Ways to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Working in a creative industry like logo design can be a tough ask for any person, man or woman to do. Clients are always looking to you to provide them with interesting, novel solutions to their problems. You’re required to constantly be coming up with ideas and suggestions as how best to present their brand, and you’re only as good as your last idea.

It can lead to burnout, very quickly. So here are five ways to prevent that, and to get (and keep) the creative juices flowing:

1. See what others are doing

There’s nothing better than looking at what other people are doing for inspiration. Select your logo design idols and take a look at how they present their logos. What trends are coming up? How do they deploy text?

This isn’t a way of saying go out there and plagiarise their logos – far from it. That’s something that needs to be avoided. But by seeing what others in the field are up to, it can help get your juices going.

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