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The Psychology of Good Logo Design

A good logo design connects with a user because it hits certain subconscious spots of the brain with the use of certain colours and shapes. Due to the fact that logos usually aren’t, and shouldn’t, include complex images, companies have to use other tactics

Saving Yourself From Creative Block

As bloggers, we all know about the concept of Writer’s Block. This means that bloggers aren’t able to think of a subject to write about for their website or blog. Even when a subject is chosen, writer’s block can still include not being able

10 Packaging Designs We Love

The packaging that certain items come in can be what entices people to want to make the purchase. This is why the way packaging is designed heavily affects the amount of sales that occur. However, packaging that doesn’t bring in the attention of others

10 Examples of Cool Architecture

Architectural design and the way in which different buildings are organized and outlined is constantly improving and becoming more unique in both big cities and even in residential design. In effect, this changes the city landscape into the field that the real estate or

10 Stamp Designs We Love

The postal service is one that has declined in use over the past five or so years. Despite the fact that online shopping has increased, the mail that makes use of stamps, like letters and bills have been replaced with online alternatives. For this

Look Inside 9 New York City Apartments

Known as the concrete jungle, New York City is a location where it is expected to build up rather than outward. This  means that common living situation of choice is apartment style. If you go outside of Manhattan, into other boroughs, you’ll begin to

10 Fonts You Should Be Making Use Of

Fonts can certainly be what makes a logo pop. A more elegant font will give off a different feel rather than a more playful one like Comics Sans. Making use of all the common fonts, however, prevents you from being able to set yourself

10 Home Architecture Photos We Love

Home architecture is intriguing to many individuals because of how varied and unique home design is. In many cases, they’re like a snowflake, in that no two home designs are truly 100% the same. Architecture photography also has a couple of additional considerations before taking