The State Mottos Project by Dan Cassaro

Do you know your state motto? Well, if you don’t, then here is an awesome way to remember them. Dan Cassaro launched the State Mottos Project entitled “50 and 50” in early 2011. This artistic tribute celebrates the individuality of every state — all the more reason for people to feel state pride!

The 50 and 50 project invited 50 artists from all 50 states, and allowed them to create graphical representations of their respective states’ mottos. As Cassaro puts it, the complete collection is much like a “designer’s atlas.” The project lets the public look back in history to appreciate the country’s heritage, and at the same time promotes modern design and digital art.

All 50 mottos were designed following a red, white, and blue palette — soft on the eyes with an antique feel from signage and product labels of yesteryear. Talk about being nostalgic and nationalistic! While some of the state mottos were fashioned with “old-school” style, some were contemporary and minimalistic.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Alabama Motto

Alabama by Matt Lane Harris

Colorado Motto

Colorado by Justin Fuller

Texas Motto

Texas by Curtis Jinkins

New Jersey Motto

New Jersey by Maayan Pearl

Washington DC Motto

Washington DC by Oliver Munday

Hawaii Motto

Hawaii by Berton Hasebe

You can check out all the state mottos on their official website at the State Mottos Project. For those who are interested in taking home a piece of their state’s proud history, they can order prints from the State Mottos Store on Society6.

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