How To Start Your Own Photo Blog

In this age of technology, the act of photo blogging isn’t as exclusive as it used to be. In some cases, this is a good thing and in other cases it can be bad. It can be a good thing because a photography community grows when the interest and resources grow. However, having the hobby become so mainstream can welcome individuals who may take the value out of the art. We will show you how to mix modern resources with classic photo blogging.

Location, Location, Location

This may not be a tutorial on real estate, but location is still an important factor in photo blogging. Finding the right website to host your content will give the reader the feel of how your website operates. You are actually in a fun step in starting your website. When searching for the perfect website, it is best to look at examples and to check out the features list. Here are some of the best websites to host your website on:




The Niches of Photography

Once you have chosen the perfect website, it is then the perfect time to think about what you will actually share on your website. It is highly recommended to do this before anything else. Why? If you are able to find a theme, it will lead to a name, a feel and even a layout. There is no limit in what to blog about. There are photography blogs about pets, animals, food, nature, travel, technology and way more. If you have an interest, you can photo blog it!

Find the Value(s) of Your Art

This is the touchy part of blogging in general, making a profit. While money shouldn’t be a reason for starting out, you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to make some extra pocket change in this economy. While I usually like to stay away from recommending people to sell their personal photography, I find making money from website traffic and ads is a great money flow system. Consider checking out Google AdWords and Adsense and hooking your website up with those two websites. Not only will you be able to make a small profit from visits, you’ll also be able to see how they found your site, the demographics and what is popular on your website. This is the perfect tool in knowing what to dish out next.

Make a Community

There is a really nice quote from, out of all people, a YouTube make-up artist known as Michelle Phan. She said, it’s nice to be on top; however, you can’t enjoy it if you are on top alone. This is true everywhere you go online, you can’t make it on any level if you are going to go at it alone. Check out other photo blogging websites and comment on their work. This will make it more tempting for them to check out your content and get in contact with you. Great friendships can start from people with such a similar interest from the start.

Grow into It

With any hobby, it is never recommended to rush into things. This definitely means not going to your local Best Buy to purchase a $900 DSLR, also not paying hundreds of dollars in hosting and website designing fees and other things. In other words, it means you should take it a step at a time. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time. It’s perfect to start by posting a couple of photos a week and leaving time to comment and socialize with other bloggers every other weekend or so. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself either naturally spending more time neutering the website or abandoning it.

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