Signs of a Deteriorating Brand

A brand is always vulnerable to destruction through various means. From ideas being stolen to the lifespan of the brand’s current vision being out of style, it is always important for individuals who are in charge of a brand that ensure that it is well kept and updated. However, when this isn’t done, you will find your brand on the verge of destruction. Today, we will wake a look at various signs that business owners and brand managers should look for if they fear that their brand is on the verge of deteriorating.

The Truth is in Numbers

I’m always an advocate of having people make use of analytics as much as possible to track the performance and predict the outcome of certain decisions or features of a company or brand. The biggest sign that your brand is in shambles is by understanding that certain parts of your brand, in a quantitative sense, isn’t meeting your goals. Either a certain aspect of your website isn’t achieving a desired amount of traffic, or that traffic is decreasing. This can be fixed by reviving those dead points of your website.

No Set Scheduling

If you are a writer or have an aspect of your brand that makes use of a regularly updated website, it’s important that you have some form of consistency in when you post, how, and to where. Without this consistency, your audience will have no way of knowing when to expect your content. You can fix this by looking at your audience trends in traffic and making a set schedule based on that.

Un-unified Content

An audience goes to a certain website or attracts themselves to a certain brand because of their consistency. If we look at the technological example, individuals go to Apple for computing and cellular technology. Individuals wear brands like Under Armour expecting athletic wear. However, if Apple found themselves also producing solar panels, publishing books, opening Apple themed restaurants in the beginning of their company, etc then their customer base wouldn’t know what they are known for. Unifying your content under a specific genre is a sign that you aren’t in a last ditch effort to grab as many customers as possible.

The Wave of Trends

If trends in pop culture or in your specific sector is deviating away from what your product is producing, then this can be a sign of future deterioration of your product. For example, the Motorola Razr was an industry hit with some individuals paying $300 or more for early models. However, as the industry started to move toward smarter technology and phones (namely, the iPhone), you now find the Razr on sale on eBay for a little more than $20. Understanding where the trends are going, staying true to your company plans and ideals, and moving toward a solution is your best way to save this problem.

You’re Too Comfortable

Stay consistent is different from staying comfortable. If things are going great for you with specific products, it’s important to relish in this success. That’s being consistent. However, if you find that you don’t see any use of going to the drawing board to find ways to improve your product, then that’s when you become comfortable and not taking into account possibilities of an unexpected dip in popularity.

If you notice these five signs of a deteriorating brand, you will be able to combat the signs in the beginning and find out solutions for them well before they become detrimental and irreversible. Let us know in the comments below which signs of a deteriorating brand you feel is the most dangerous to a brand.