Saving Yourself From Creative Block

As bloggers, we all know about the concept of Writer’s Block. This means that bloggers aren’t able to think of a subject to write about for their website or blog. Even when a subject is chosen, writer’s block can still include not being able to expand upon the subject to write a well organized and well rounded article. Creative Block is under the same precept. This is when you are unable, as an artist or designer, to develop the designs that are needed for your job, all dependent on inspiration. Today, we will take a look at how to save yourself from Creative Block and how to induce creativity.

Create a Sketchbook

One productive way to save yourself from Creative Block is by creating a sketchbook. Something as simple as a college ruled notebook or something as well put together as a Moleskine can be used. This will allow you to have a place to place everything from mockups to something as extravagant as well designed cartoon sketches. This is a great portfolio builder, and if you are trying to gain more experience through helping others with design, this is a great place to keep rough drafts and even final products.

Stay Fresh

Along with keeping yourself occupied with a sketchbook, it’s important to also stay fresh on design techniques. This is a sure bet in breaking the Creative Block because you are able to learn new skills which will be applicable in trying out new ways of designing. Plus, picking up a little bit of coding, like HTML or advancing in Photoshop will allow you to make better iterations and more advanced sketches faster. Something as simple as reading on topics of design will allow you to spark up new ideas.

Make Use of Knowledge Bases

Knowledge bases like Quora allow individuals to contribute their expertise and experience to various topics. Making use of these knowledge banks will allow you not only gain more ideas, but to also learn from others within your industry. Quora can also be a great resource for research that may benefit your projects. Such knowledge bases are free and they allow you to also contribute yourself, which can help someone else in need of knowledge within that area.

Experience the World Around You

Traveling can open you up to some experiences and look at certain things in ways that you haven’t before. The people you meet and the memories you make can help in your design decisions and even ideas of applications and programs you are creating. Travel doesn’t have to be out of the country or even out of your state. Looking around your city or even backyard, through photography or videography, can allow you to produce better design results. In the end, going offline allows you to refresh your mind and truly think about your design decisions. Make it a regular event, like once a week for 24 hours.

Lighten Up and Stay Current

As a designer, being lighthearted allows you to make design decisions outside of the box. Staying on top of social and design trends allow you to create design decisions that are popular and can even become viral. To stay on top of trends, continue to read magazines and updated on news within and outside of the industry. Being able to connect this to what you are familiar with, design, will allow you to benefit from this as a learning experience as well.

As you can see, saving yourself from the Creative Block involves more than just design aspects and techniques. It doesn’t even mean just looking for design ideas. Breaking creative block, however, involves living and enjoying your life and allowing creative experiences to come to you. Being in certain situations will allow you to gradually break out of your block.

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