Have you found your portal?

Some photographers are recognized by their “style” of photographs.  Some only shoot in black and white, others have a penchant for nature, and some stick with family portraits.  Whether your passion is personal or professional, I believe each photographer has a creative element that grabs them and says, “That’s the shot I was looking for.”  Not all images can come across easily, but you know what you want when you see it.

Opportunities for great photographs are all around us.  Many of my most favored photographs are from around my home.  Others have been captured in places ranging from an island in Michigan to Paris, France.  Surroundings from a newcomer’s perspective can often be viewed on a tourism level, but then something grabs you.  A child drops her ice cream cone in the park.  A building looks like a work of art at sunset.  You find something that doesn’t belong in an unexpected place.  There are so many ways an individual element can be captured that allows photography to truly be a creative and reflective experience.

I always look for the little things.  I will lay on my stomach to get the desired angle, hang out of a moving vehicle, or stop suddenly in my tracks to photograph a new discovery.  I don’t sell my photographs or consider what is “hot” at the moment; I shoot for me and me alone.  The satisfaction of getting the shot on disk exactly as I envision it is truly rewarding.  Images from years ago still bring a smile to my face, just as the one shared here.  I was taking a tour of a lighthouse and winding up what felt like a never-ending staircase.  As I glanced to my left, I looked out the portal and saw something I had to have.

Have you found your portal?

K.B. Lacoste

K.B. Lacoste is a writer, poet, and lyricist working towards a Ph.D. in psychology. Her interests include writing, cooking, photography, and helping others. She has years of experience in a wide range of professions and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.