A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Memories

Going through old family photos is truly a “feel-good” way to while away the time. Though photographs fade, the memories behind them are far from forgotten. Thanks to a brilliant photo project called “Dear Photograph”, people from across the globe can share their family pics and the personal stories behind them.

Dear Photograph was launched in early 2011 by Taylor Jones from Canada. The concept is to take a snapshot of an old photo in the same place it was originally taken. As the photographer holds out the old photo in front of him, it seems to merge with the present background, like some sort of time warp.

The timeless charm of Dear Photograph stems from the short and touching captions the submitters wrote about their families, their childhood, old homes, and more. According to Jones, there have been dozens of submissions every day, with more to come.  The site creator mentions that although anybody can send in their photos, not all are guaranteed for publication.

If you want to take a trip down other people’s memory lanes, browse on over to Dear Photograph. Who knows? You might get inspired to bring back your old family pictures and fond childhood moments to life.

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