How To Make Your Photos Look Spooky

Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to turn ordinary things to scary things. Whether it’s your company logo or your profile photo in your various social networking accounts, integrating some spooky elements into them will make you look up to date and it will give you an aura of fun. This doesn’t mean you can just integrate clip art images of bats and jack-o’-lanterns into your photos and logos. Here’s a few ideas and tutorials to help you get into that spooktacular Halloween spirit.

How To Make A Zombie

In this video tutorial, undergroundplague0 shows you how to turn any photo into an image of a zombie! He uses a photo of the lovely Milla Jovovich and turns her into a gritty member of the living dead.

Scary Image of A Scared Guy


Sometimes, you don’t need blood, zombies and ghosts to create scary images. By simply manipulating different elements of ordinary humans, you can create a disturbing image as seen in this Scared Photomanipulation Tutorial by Cpotorac.

Magic Lamp in the Old Room

Old Room

This video tutorial teaches you to put together different elements to form a single image that is haunting and almost ghost-like. You can see how Photoshop Lady puts together ordinary objects like a room, a teddy bear, a broken window and more to add atmosphere to an otherwise normal scenario.


Yankfroggy shows you the basics in creating ghost photos. He teaches you the fundamental elements you need to make a creepy image and it all relies on transparency and playing around with the different Photoshop filters. It’s a pretty straightforward tutorial but you can take away something really important from it which is to be creative and let your imagination run wild with all the tools available in your photo editing software.

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