What Brand Slogans Should Be

The logo of a brand can tell a thousand words about a specific company or brand that it is representing. However, outside of this, some companies may develop a slogan or have one that is de facto imposed on them. Regardless of if there’s

Branding Oceania

The region of Oceania isn’t known for much other than their love of vegemite and presence of kangaroos. However, this area, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and various islands, is one that offers a vibrant developed economy in many cases, especially the largely touristic

10 Examples of Cool Architecture

Architectural design and the way in which different buildings are organized and outlined is constantly improving and becoming more unique in both big cities and even in residential design. In effect, this changes the city landscape into the field that the real estate or

10 Stamp Designs We Love

The postal service is one that has declined in use over the past five or so years. Despite the fact that online shopping has increased, the mail that makes use of stamps, like letters and bills have been replaced with online alternatives. For this

15 Spring Photography We Love

With Spring currently here, it is now time for a season of beautiful weather and flowers that are blooming. Because of this, people are spending more time outdoors as opposed being cooped up indoors. This means that photography looks amazing and more vibrant and

Five Proven Ways to Guarantee Raising Capital

To raise capital, the main task that a company must do is convince the investor that their business is worthy of the investors money and possibly their time as well. This is only proven through showing that a strong existing business model is already

France’s Mark on the United States

There are a ton of products produced in France or from French companies that are largely popular in the United States. Especially from the health and beauty market, French companies have found their place in entertainment, food, and even travel. These companies have been

The Beginnings and Now: Charity Organizations

Charitable organizations in the United States are considered non-profits. This means that their main business model isn’t for making money for their personal gain but to gain profits for the beneficial gain of the society to which they hope to improve. As a result,

10 Best NBC Logos

NBC, or the National Broadcasting Corporation, is a media company that encompasses a numerous amount of news agencies, television shows, and special event broadcastings. With its main rival being ABC, or American Broadcasting Corporation, both battle for ratings and notoriety in the United States.

6 Ways to Get into Stock Photography

When you look at ads or even articles online, you will see photos that are taken perfectly and are quite professional in most cases. However, these photos don’t come from anywhere, they are stock photos that individuals and companies take for websites and other