10 Home Architecture Photos We Love

Home architecture is intriguing to many individuals because of how varied and unique home design is. In many cases, they’re like a snowflake, in that no two home designs are truly 100% the same. Architecture photography also has a couple of additional considerations before taking

15 Retail Logos from LogoMyWay

A retail logo is more important than that of any other type of company. Not only is a retail logo a good marketing tool, a retail logo creates an imprint in a consumers mind that this is the go-to retail option and they should

15 Stunning Nature Photographs

Nature offers the photographer with a ton of opportunities. Just about every photographic technique can be made use of in nature. From macro shots on flowers to zoom shots of wildlife in trees. However, this doesn’t undermine the fact that a ton of challenges

5 Large Companies with Humble Beginnings

m4s0n501 All companies have to start somewhere, and it’s very rare, if not suspicious, for a company that is a big name today to not have a beginning that was a bit humble. From being started out of a garage to being born out

Olive Garden Rolls Out New Logo

In early March, Olive Garden revealed a logo update that is in response to the company’s planned “brand renaissance” that some are considering as sort of plain instead of professional. However, Olive Garden itself is calling the new logo “clean, fresh, and appealing”. Some

5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

 The web has provided itself as a great place for individuals to discover new hobbies and talents, meet new individuals, and even obtain a degree. However, one aspect of the web that has been a bit obscure is making money online. We hear of

10 Motivational Picture Quotes

Motivational quotes are a popular way for people to get the added push they may need to get through a hurdle or a difficult start-up project. The fact that they come from inspirational people and come off with a great message allows people to

7 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it is important to ensure that you have your productivity in check so that you are able to get more things checked off your list in a timely manner. However, there are some individuals that feel that they are productive, but