8 Ways and Examples of the Flat Design Trend

Design, like any other type of art form, experiences trends that can shape an industry. One thing that is different with design, and mobile design more specifically, is that the trend is something that users experience every hour of every day. It is found

15 Cool Home and Garden Logos from LogoMyWay

Home and garden businesses rake in a good amount of revenue each year helping home owners with gardening, house cleaning, and many others. However, for these businesses to get business, they must have a presentable public image, done through their company logo. While many

5 Simple Logo Designs and Their Hidden Meanings

Some of the most memorable logo designs are those that are simple, so that they don’t complicate the viewer with multiple aspects and flashy symbols. However, they are also unique enough that they can be easily recognizable and associated with that specific brand it

15 Amazing Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook timeline covers offer an extra dimension of personalization that Facebook users can add to their profile. Unlike a profile photo, a cover photo allows you to feature artwork and photography that doesn’t have to include your face. However, this doesn’t mean that one

15 Amazing Underwater Photos

When shooting underwater, photographers have special considerations to take. First off, shooting underwater changes how you handle lighting, the movement of the subject, as well as the subject’s comfort. However, many photographers have been able to create beautiful pieces of photographic art underwater. Today,

14 Resume Designs We Are In Love With

The design of your resume is usually an aspect that falls by the waste side. The relationship between design and a resume usually stops at ensuring the resume was readable and organized. Anything past that was seen as a waste of time. However, now

Wendy’s Newest Logo: Subliminal Message?

A logo is the best way for companies to gain notoriety and even to promote customer retention. Customers and users are more likely to remember your company and purchase more from it if they remember your logo. When a logo is seen by thousands

Car Logo Factbook – Part 1

A car logo is much more noticeable than that of other companies. Not only does a car logo represent the company, it is also shown on the cars that are being sold. One thing that is also true about car logos is that they

10 Automotive Logos From LogoMyWay

The automotive industry is multifaceted, including car manufacturers, repair, and upkeep companies who’s main goal is to ensure that your car is always in tip-top shape. This means that it is important to have a strong enough logo out there that sets you company