Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl

Advertisers don’t spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads for nothing. They know that having a Super Bowl spot will almost guarantee a certain level of attention that will help their product. This means that many of these companies have to work on

Instagram Meets Winter 2014

This winter has graced us with a larger than normal amount of snowfall in various parts of the United States. This has caused individuals to hit Instagram to share some of their favourite sights of their personal winter wonderland. From the snow on trees

5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do

Is mental strength “stronger” than physical strength? Some individuals would say that is the case. We make use of being mentally strong more than physical strength. We also hear stories of individuals who, in dire situations, are able to develop physical strength to get

10 Medical & Dental Logos from LogoMyWay

The medical and dental industry may not be the first industry you’d think would focus largely on logos. However, that is not the case. The industry is so varied and diverse, that there are many private companies out there in the medical and dental

Tips for Playing Logo Games

Logo games (also known as Logo Quiz) are popular mostly for iPhone and Android users who want a recall game that allows them to remember logos that are old and new. They can also be seen as great ways of inspiration for those who

7 Career Regrets Commonly Made

It is an accepted fact that in the lifespan of your time in the job field, you will make multiple mistakes and even have a couple of regrets. It’s sort of something that is even expected out of those in the workforce. People aren’t

5 Pitfalls of Building a Small Business Brand

All businesses start out as small businesses. It wasn’t like Walmart was born the megastore that it is today. Many times, small businesses have small upbringings. While these small upbringings are inspirational to future entrepreneurs, what isn’t shown is the hard work is takes