First Look: Mac OS X Lion

Macintosh updates are usually a non-event for many people. You get a pop-up on your desktop telling you a new update is available. Once you click it, your desktop gets some sort of security update or something, but nothing of large importance. However, the newest software update, Mac OS X Lion is an update with many changes. The software became available Wednesday morning, July 20th at around 5AM PST. The $30 update is starting to appear on some sites for review and we have our first look of the software as well. Here are a couple of important features that stand out so far.

Launch To Space

This is the creation of a Mac and iPhone relationship. You get the same view like on an iOS device. You get the view of all of your applications and programs in a full screen list. It may not be a program that you would use when in serious work mode. However, if you have guests on your computer who want to know what programs you have or if you don’t know which game to play with, it’ll be a great program to take advantage of. I also like the ability to put each application and program into groups – like on an iPhone.

Mission Control, Can You Hear Me?

This is the program that gives you the full view of what’s going on in your Mac at the current moment. By clicking this button, you are in a world of Exposé on steroids. The way it is activated is half the fun as well. All you have to do is move your three or more fingers upward. Find my explanation hard to understand? Don’t worry; once you download the operating system, a nice tutorial pops up.

Scrolling Dream or Nightmare?

If I say that half the people I talk to are having a problem with scrolling, it’ll be an understatement. A lot of new OS X Lion users I talk to have either changed gestures back to how they used to be or gone through the annoyance of learning the new gestures. I have taken the second route and I think it’s a one-way route. Meaning, I have become so accustom to it that if I revert back, my hand will cramp in confusion.

The main change is, if you want to scroll down, you move your hands down and vice versa. This may seem easy enough, but the standard before OS X Lion was the opposite way. In addition, three fingers up bring you to Mission Control, three fingers to either side switches apps. Two fingers to either side switches web pages. But I don’t want to ruin the surprise, this is a first look after all, so there are many more to learn including zoom (tap and pinch). I personally feel it’s nice and makes using my Mac a lot easier.

Pick Up From Where You Left off

The feature, resume, is pretty nice. If you are in an app and it closes on you or crashes, you can resume from where you left off. This saves on time and keeps you moving.

Drop From the Air

Airdrop is a feature that lets you share files with other Macs running OS X Lion. This can be done without having to email them. It cuts down on time and is perfect for companies that use Macs (mostly start-ups, we must add) and perfect for families who all have Macs.

Download Mac OS X Lion today!

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