IBM Releases A New Gay Pride Logo Design

IBM has just released a brand new logo that incorporates the rainbow pride flag to show support and solidarity with the LGBT community.

IBM strongly opposes discrimination of any kind toward anyone. IBM stands by all of their employees and prides itself on attracting the brightest and most diverse talent to fulfill their company’s purpose.

In today’s world of social media you can be boycotted in a hurry when it comes to a companies political and sexual views. IBM is making a bold statement with the new Rainbow logo design to demonstration the company’s continued advocacy for nondiscrimination workplace policies.

In the 1930’s IBM Incorporated an equal pay policy for men and women. They were one of  the first companies to include sexual orientation as part of our Equal Opportunity policy.

IBM’s Chief Diversity Officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre had this to say…..

“Today, I am proud to introduce a new symbol that will represent IBM’s ongoing push for diversity, acceptance, inclusion and equal opportunity — a rainbow version of our iconic 8-bar logo,” Ms. McIntyre said. “The rainbow is recognized worldwide as the symbol of LGBT equality, and we are proud to fuse it with the emblem that has represented our company for more than four decades.”

The colorful logo was designed after rainbow colors by artist Gilbert Baker and commissioned by gay activist Harvey Milk.