Essentials for Vacation Photography

The summer vacation season is still in full force for many individuals. The best way to capture the memories, as many people know, is through photography. However, most people think that they should bring their whole photography studio to capture the vacation memories. That isn’t the case. Today, we will cover what it takes enjoyable vacation photography experience.

Joby GorillaPod

This is one of my favorite photography accessories on the market. The GorillaPod, if you haven’t heard about it, is an accessory that allows you to have a flexible tripod to take those complicating shots. However, this isn’t the direct reason why I chose this accessory. I really love how you can bend it on any surface when a flat surface isn’t possible when taking vacation photos. In return, you have the ability to not find limitations in getting a shot that is balanced.

Mirrorless System Cameras

These are photography wonders. If you aren’t familiar with these types of cameras, they find a way to mix point-and-shooting with DSLR form factor and features. One of the most well-known and first mirror less system cameras out there was the Olympus Pen E-P1. Mirrorless system cameras have the ability to change lenses, have full manual controls while still being portable. You may not be able to fit most of these types of cameras in your pockets; they can fit in a small bag.

Photography Bag/Case

Photography bags and cases are essential to having an enjoyable vacation experience. While any bag can be used, specialty bags are preferred. They give you the opportunity to have special compartments for your camera, lenses, memory cards and other equipment. In addition, many are waterproof, this means you don’t have to stress on water rides and kayaking excursions.

Underwater Equipment

It seems like most vacationers forget about underwater equipment. If you are doing to do anything related to a summer vacation, you are most likely going to encounter water. For this reason, it is at least essential to have a waterproof camera case. This is the most flexible waterproof equipment because you don’t have to be near a beach, river or even a body of water to make use of it. There are many times when a countless number of my friends have gotten water damage from a simple rain shower.

Memory Cards, Multiple Memory Cards

Put yourself in this situation. You are in front of the Eiffel Tower during your once in a lifetime trip to Paris. It is your last day and you finally decided to make the stop by the famous tower. After a couple of videos, you all soon decide to have a group photo, sad to say, your memory card is filled. There have been countless solutions people give to prevent memory cards from filling up on you, however, one trick I always find useful is to have dedicated memory cards. It is an inevitable fact that videos weigh more than photos in terms of storage.

If you have a memory card dedicated to photos and another dedicated to videos, it can provide a wonderful experience even after taking the photos. Memory cards also have transfer speeds. When memory cards are getting pretty full, they take a longer time to transfer to computers. This won’t be a likely situation if photos and videos are kept separate.

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