Get doodling and create your own scrapbook style notepad

With all the awesome free custom doodle brushes and brush sets available on the web today there is lots of fun to be had in creating your own note pad doodles and scrapbook art. In this tutorial I have used a brush set from deviant art (a great Photoshop brushes resource site) and a stock image from Stock xchng

What we once all did whilst sat bored in the classroom has become a massive art form all over the globe and it has become highly recognised and respected as a form of design.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a cool scrapbook/doodle style notepad image that you then can use to add your own custom handwriting or text too for whatever purpose you need or want. Maybe for an art project, to display your poetry or just for fun!

1. Open your notepad image in Photoshop to get started.

2. Select what brushes you want to use from your doodle brush set and get started! Each time you add a new brush stroke always add a new layer too, so each individual brush stroke can be moved or transformed seperately in neccesaary. If you know you are not going to move or alter a brush stroke then you can group some together.

A border around the edge of your paper is a great way to start off your doodle design as it is a notepad classic. Here I have added both brush strokes on seperate layers as on the second layer I used the Edit > Free Transform tool to rotate and re position the brush stroke.

3. To mix it up add a different style border to the side of the page edge on a new layer, always use the Edit > Free Transform tool to move, rotate and resize your brush stroke. When creating your doodle design try to think as you would if you were doodling it in real life. Not everything is planned or perfect.

4. Add a few more layers and a few more new elements to your picture.

5. Once you are happy with everything you have added to your design, select a small hard edged paintbrush and go freestyle. Add to the brush strokes to bring them to life and make them that little bit more personal and unique. Here I have added some more swirls to the chimney smoke and a little top hat to the chicken/bird.

6. Now we can have fun and add some colour to our doodles, don’t think about it too much and just get stuck in, pick some random colours and use a hard edged brush (which will achieve a felt tip like effect) to paint in them doodles. Do them quickly and rough to achieve a real doodle feel and effect.

7. Follow step 6 for all the elements you want to colour, for some parts you can use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill a whole area but the handpainted brush tool does achieve the best result.

8. And there you have it, your doodle design is complete! Now it is ready for some text, use it for whatever you want, you can even make a whole series of these designs.

Below is an example of the doodle notepad with some hand written text included to give you an idea of what you can create.

I hope you had fun with this tutorial, get creative and you can create some really sweet and cool funky images.


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