Digitally Enhance Makeup And Make Eyes Pop In Photoshop

Sometimes makeup in photos can end up looking a little dull and not as vibrant as it did in real life, in this tutorial I will show you how in a few easy steps you can enhance makeup to make it stand out and make eyes pop.



1. Open up your image you want to work on in Photoshop. Duplicate the background layer, and work on the copy so you still have the original image underneath.

2. First off we will start with the dodge tool set on midtones, use a soft edge brush with exposure around 12% and start by lightening the eye whites and pupils. Then brush over the eyelids, pay more attention to where the makeup is naturally highlighted and use the dodge tool to enhance this.

3. Now we will use the burn tool on midtones, use a soft edge brush again with exposure around 12% again. Use the burn tool on a small brush to bring out the eyeliner around the eye and mascara. Use a larger brush for the eyelid and brush along the indent of the eye and under the brow. Now your make up should really start to stand out. Keep working the makeup until you are happy with it. Use a small brush and burn around the pupil edge and inside the pupil to enhance the little flecks of colour in the eye.

4. Now go back to the dodge tool but this time set it to highlights, add the highlights inside the pupil where the light would have caught the eye also add this to the eyelid with a large soft edge brush very sparingly just to bring the makeup to life that little bit more.

5. Finally add a curves adjustment layer and make the image a little lighter and little more contrasty.

And there you have it the makeup and eyes look 10x better in 5 easy steps!