Create Cool And Funky Typography Logos

Creating cool and awesome typography logos/posters/designs is a great skill set to add to your collection as it is always needed and wanted by many clients and it is fun for your own personal projects!

1.    Open up a new canvas size 300px high by 600px wide.

2.    Use the colour picker tool to choose a colour for your background and use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill your canvas. I have choosen black as I feel it will work well for this project and style.

3.    Select the text tool (The big T) from your toolbar, choose big chunky trendy looking font and set the size to around 150px and the colour white.

4.    Now before we start customizing the lettering we need to rasterize the text layer by right clicking it and selecting rasterize type..

5.    Time to start customizing the type! To start with we are going to use the eraser tool to take away portions of the text. Select the eraser and then choose a splatter/scrathy brush this will add a grungy effect to the type (Photoshop preset brushes are great for this). Use the brush to erase around the edges of the text, change up the style of the brushes and the size of brush for a varied effect.

6.    Now we will make the image really finky by adding some cool brush strokes so select the brush tool and make sure the colour is white to match the text. I have used some spiral brush sets and a retro style dot art brush which I downloaded from but be creative and use brushes you think will fit with and enhance your design.

7.   Rotate the text slightly to shake things up a bit and add a little flair, do this by selecting edit > free transform > rotate.

8.    Finally add a little colour by adding a new layer and then using a diagonal colour gradient. I have chosen to use a blue and yellow gradient, all colours look good against black so be experimental! Once you have added the gradient use the eraser tool with a large soft edge brush to remove some of the colour from the text so the text can shine through, then reduce the opacity of the gradient layer to around 40%.

And there you have it in a few simple and easy steps you have the skills to creating cool and funky typography!

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