How to Be a Cost-Conscious Photographer

When photography comes to mind, what do you think of in terms of money? We are nearly certain that you don’t find it one of the cheapest hobbies out there. The cost of the camera itself can burn a whole in your pocket. In addition, lenses can cost just as much as point-and-shoots themselves. However, with these tips, photography can be less expensive.

Stay on Your Level

One instance that I find with a lot of people, even outside the realm of purchasing gadgets, is that they purchase something that they can’t handle. For example, a first time photographer shouldn’t purchase a DSLR when they barely had quality time with a good point-and-shoot. With photography, it is best to do your research and test out each camera. While it will be great to have a DSLR to show off, you won’t be able to take full advantage of it if you don’t know what to do.

Friends to The Rescue

Unless you live in Amish country of Pennsylvania, there is a good bet that you have a close friend or family that will let you use (or even have) one of their cameras as a gift. This would be a great way to save on getting a camera. In addition, the friend or family will be the perfect person to give you a tour around the camera. Best of all, you might even get a package deal out of it if they have accessories.
Why Buy It?

No, we don’t mean stealing it. There are so many rental companies and websites online that will allow you to rent a camera for a certain amount of time. You can choose from three days to a whole month with most websites. In addition, a lot of them will allow for special circumstances if you can’t get the job done in a month. While most websites offer the body only for a rental, lenses are also usually available not the websites for rental as well.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Another good tactic to getting your dream camera or accessory is to wait for a holiday, special event or birthday. This is the perfect time to either have a family member purchase it for you or split the cost. In addition, with graduation season over, many people who will take photography in college may have a family member see helping the student purchase a DSLR as a great investment.

Knock Two Birds with One Stone

Look around your room, look around the house, look back around your room and what do you see? If you are like me, you may see a lot of mess. However, all of this mess can turn into cash. Take a look around your closet and see if there are any clothes and shoes you can’t fit. If there are any gadgets that have past away, trade them in for parts. Many websites, like Amazon and BH Photo, accept gadget trade-ins for cash.


With these tips, we can assure you that a new camera or lens for you DSLR can be in your hands in the near future. Check below for links to websites and services mentioned in this article.

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