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Friends of Type

If you’re a fan of typography and you’ve never stopped by the Friends of Type website then you are missing out!  Friends of Type is a four person collaboration comprised of designers Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, Jason Wong, and a featured designer of their choosing each month.

In their own words, here’s what you need to know about FOT:

Friends of Type features original typographic design and lettering – fresh visual content – practically every day, by the four primary contributors. Posts are meant to log ideas, express ourselves, and inspire each other and our readers. The last week of every month we feature a guest designer, someone we admire and think will elevate our work and the site through their contribution.

This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue. The posts are sketches and ideas on visualized language; a collaborative habit born out of the realtime interactions that made us friends in the first place.

I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of rounding up a combination of recent updates and old favorites.  I’d love to know what you think in the comments!

Friends of Type 1

Friends of Type 2

Friends of Type 3

Friends of Type 4

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Amazing Illustrations by Douglas Bicicleta

I originally came across the work of Brazilian illustrator Douglas Bicicleta on one of my favorite blogs – Shock Blast.  There’s not a lot of info on his flickr account (where all of his work is posted) but I think his illustrations speak for themselves.  They’re full of grit, pop, and brilliant detail.  I know I love them, what do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

Douglas Bicicleta 1

Douglas Bicicleta 2

Douglas Bicicleta 3

Douglas Bicicleta 4

Douglas Bicicleta 5

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How to Become a Tree after You Die

Spanish designer Martin Azua has come up with a design for an urn — the Bios Urn — that will allow your remains to be integrated with a seed which will grow into a tree or any kind of plant you prefer. It sounds a little morbid but it is an attractive option if you care about the environment. It is definitely better than staying on the ground with a tombstone above you.

Bios Urn

The urn is made of coconut shell, cellulose and compact peat — all of which are biodegradable materials. Human remains are placed inside the urn with a seed. It is then planted on the ground where the seed will germinate along with the remains, eventually growing into a tree. It is an awesome and poetic form of regeneration.

Bios Urn

This is one of those rare instances when death becomes a direct component of new life. If you choose to go this route, you can spend your next life as a tree, providing shade and oxygen to the rest of the world. If that’s not enough for you, maybe you can have your tree incarnation be cut down after a few decades to be turned into paper. Yes, if you so choose, you can actually become a book. It just goes to show that design is not just about aesthetics; it can also be a helpful tool in environmental protection.

Impressive Work by the Dirty Bandits

I’ve been really impressed with the work of Dirty Bandits that I’ve seen popping up around the design blog ecosphere.  Here’s their deal:

Dirty Bandits is a small, Brooklyn-based design firm specializing it typography, lettering and illustration run by Annica Lydenberg. Work done by Dirty Bandits is fueled by Annica’s deep obsession with type. As a graphic designer she has been paying close attention to typography for many years and focusing on treating letters and words as art.

Artists like this really inspire me.  Lately, all I’ve been doing is drawing letters and one day I hope to get good enough to produce work on this level.  What do you guys think?

Dirty Bandits 1

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