The Psychology of Good Logo Design

A good logo design connects with a user because it hits certain subconscious spots of the brain with the use of certain colours and shapes. Due to the fact that logos usually aren’t, and shouldn’t, include complex images, companies have to use other tactics

Saving Yourself From Creative Block

As bloggers, we all know about the concept of Writer’s Block. This means that bloggers aren’t able to think of a subject to write about for their website or blog. Even when a subject is chosen, writer’s block can still include not being able

10 Best Natural Resource Logos from Logomyway

The natural resources sector includes everything from national parks to conservationists. This is a very important industry because it involves industry professionals surveying the country for making use of what the earth already provides. It is important for many of these companies to have

10 Law Firm Logo Designs from Logomyway

Logos for law firms and other companies dealing with law have a different design plan in mind. These are the companies that will shy away from heavy graphics and lean more toward simple designs that come across to the perspective client what their business