10 Events Logos from Logomyway

Marketing for an event is paramount. If you don’t advertise and market an event you are conducting, then there’s no chance that you’ll have attendees. Yes, you may say that word of mouth can be an acceptable way to let others know, but even

Famous Logo Designs Drawn by Hand

Seb Lester trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in London. He now works in Lewes in East Sussex as a designer and artist. His home studio is built into the banks of one of the oldest castles in England.

How do Cities Attract Startups?

What does it take for a city to attract startups to enhance their economy? Does it involve having laws and incentives that work in the favour of entrepreneurs? Does it involve having pre-existing innovation? Maybe, in reality, it could involve all or none of

Redesign Hillary Clinton’s New Logo

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign debuted its new logo this week and everyone hates it. Some say it’s to close to the FedEx logo, wiki leaks logo and others think it looks like a boring Hospital sign. This is what the current logo looks like.

10 Accounting Logos from Logomyway

In the accounting field, it’s important to have logos that will attract customers while still conveying your professional nature of your business. This is a balance that means including design trends and modernity while still ensuring that the logo doesn’t come across as too

The Logo of Physicists

Logos are a way for companies and brands to ensure that individuals are able to easily identify them and create a connection with them in some way. However, despite the fact that physicists have contributed so much to the way that individuals process everyday